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Decoding The ‘IT’ Hairstyle For Every Face Shape

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Hairstyles for Face Shape

Remember that one specific hairstyle that’d be our saving grace when the morning alarm decided to ditch us a busy day or when we reached work with damp locks, thanks to that unseasonal shower? You know what, it probably wasn’t your best bet. Time to play smart with your go-to hairdo. Listing the hairstyle that suits you best, given the shape of your face. Ready to roll?

Oval Face Shape Hairstyles


A face that gracefully tapers towards the chin, the oval shape is considered ideal for several reasons. However, a wide forehead is something that you’d need to work around if you belong to this family of faces. This chic three-step oval face shape hairstyle will save your day. Before we get started, dab on some  Pantene Pro-V Oil Replacement to bid goodbye to the frizz and for a no-grease shine.

Let’s Get Started!
1. Begin by straightening your locks. Your arsenal should include the Agaro Instastraight Nano HS-6511 Hair Straightener
2. Create the illusion of a not-so-wide forehead with the help of a deep parting on your desired side. There, the cat’s out of the bag!
3. You can’t have on-point hair sans the use of the Wella Professionals EIMI Perfect Setting Light Setting Lotion Spray. Got the cue?


Elongated features are what set this face shape apart from the rest. Though difficult to frame, such women can make heads turn if they hit the bull’s eye. And that’s what we’re here to help you with. Here’s the low-down on a hairstyle for long faces.

Let’s Get Started!
1. Give your mane some texture; we’d take soft, beachy waves any day. Roll your hair lightly around Corioliss Style Stick Super Slim Curling Wand for those effortless curls.
2. You could either opt for a parting or just let your hair fall naturally. Spritz a little of the Osmo Curl Spray Volumising Curl Enhancer and finger-tousle the waves for best results.

Hairstyles for Long Face
Hairstyles for Heart-Shaped Faces


A pointy and prominent chin is the first thing you’d look at in a woman with a heart-shaped face. The good news is that there’s not much that you need to do to look your striking best. Put your best foot forward with this messy (read sexy) bun.

Let’s Get Started!
1. Start by backcombing the crown area. Swap your average brush with the Ikonic Professional Teasing Brush
2. Now gather all your hair around the nape and form a low, loose bun. Secure with Elite Models ABC5116B Fashion Bobby Pins
3. Pull out a few strays to give it a more #IWokeUpLikeThis feel and let that killer jawline take centre stage.


Chubby, almost pull-able cheeks are the highlight of a round face. Using them to your advantage is the challenge here. Relax… a few hair tools at your disposal and a round face will be more of a boon than a bane.

Let’s Get Started!
1.Start by meticulously curling your hair, section by section. Since tight, gorgeous curls are what we’d be aiming for here, enter the BaByliss C525E Slim Curling Iron
2. How you frame your face depends on how you style your fringe. We’d recommend you go with your natural parting; leave the rest of the job to the curls.
3. Finish the look with the BBLUNT Blown Away, Volumizing Leave-In Spray and declare it a good hair day.

Hairstyles for Round Faces
Hairstyles for Square Faces


A bony jawline and to-die-for cheekbones are the trademarks of a square face. However, sometimes you’d ache for softer features. Well, a braid goes a long way in softening such an almost-geometric face. Step-by-step guide for a hairstyle for square face coming your way.

Let’s Get Started!
1. Create your desired side parting and begin braiding your hair on the opposite side. A loose, one-sided braid is what we’re trying to perfect here.
2. Once you’re done, secure your plait with an Elite Models ABC5105A Fashion Hair Elastic Band
3. Don’t forget to set the look with a generous spritz of the Toni&Guy Finishing Shine Spray. Ready to bag compliments all day long?

6.The Diamond-Shaped Face

Almost as rare as the diamond itself, this face is branded by wide temples and an angular cut. A shape so unique deserves a hairdo that complements. A smooth, pulled-back ponytail is the ideal diamond face shape hairstyle which’ll accentuate those arresting features even more.

Let’s Get Started!
1. Gather your tresses in a high ponytail and secure with the tightest elastic you can get your hands on. We’d vouch for the Elite Models ABC5110A Hair Elastic Band
2. Want the result to look suave? Take a strand from the length of your pony and wrap it around the elastic, camouflaging it. When you reach the end, tuck it with the Elite Models ABC5104A Fashion Hair Bobby Pin. All set to head out, chin up!

Diamond Face Shape Hairstyles
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