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Base Essentials: What’s The Real Difference?

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Remember the time when base makeup was limited to a mere one or two products — your trusty foundation and the handy compact powder? And, when finding the right shade was the only major concern you had? Well, we are way ahead of that now! With the natural-looking skin trend becoming increasingly popular, complexion enhancers have been taking off, leaving us with so many options to choose from. Think BB creams, CC creams, skin tints, tinted moisturisers, we have a list of lightweight formulas that will help you ace your base without the ‘cakey’ effect. With summer days making a comeback, the hunt for the best lightweight base products has begun. But with so many options in formulations and finishes, it can get pretty overwhelming to pick what’s best for your skin. That’s where we come in! We’re about to break down the differences between BB creams, CC creams, skin tints, and foundations for you. Read on to understand what they are, what they offer, and why you should invest in them. Think flawless no-makeup makeup looks, and everything you need to create it.

First things first, before we delve into the different ways to remove body hair, it’s important to know its preceding steps - skin prep.

BB Creams

best bb cream

Nykaa SKINgenius BB Cream SPF30

sugar bb cream

SUGAR Goddess Of Flawless SPF30+ BB

BB cream is short for beauty balm or blemish balm. It’s a multi-tasking product that can act as a primer, foundation, moisturiser and sunscreen, whose goal is to even out your complexion, blur imperfections and deliver a natural-looking, dewy finish. It offers light to medium coverage without the heaviness of a traditional foundation. Considering that it is a balm and is slightly creamier in consistency, it offers better coverage than a CC cream or a skin tint. It’s an easy, fuss-free way to get an even complexion. Dot it all over your face, dab it in, and get ready to flaunt radiant-looking skin in a minute.

CC Creams

best cc cream

Lakme 9 To 5 Complexion Care Face CC

cc cream best

e.l.f. Cosmetics Camo CC Cream

CC creams stand for colour corrector or complexion corrector, it is primarily used for colour correction and offers medium coverage. This product is used to cover pigmentation, and redness caused by inflammation. CC creams can be used independently as a base, or it can be used as a primer under your foundation to enhance coverage. It is comparatively lighter than a BB cream, and is ideal for people whose skin requires more colour balancing. Its hydration and sun protection properties serve as a bonus, apart from its colour correcting benefits. Dot it all over your face or use it to spot conceal, and blend it into the skin with a sponge to get the best out of it. So if you’re looking for a base product that will conceal blemishes and spots, while feeling weightless, then a CC cream is the right choice for you.

Skin Tints

m.a.c skin tint

M.A.C Strobe Dewy Skin Tint

best skin tint

Blue Heaven Fresh & Flawless Hydrating

A lightest complexion enhancer, skin tints are easily blendable and don’t require a makeup brush or sponge. Trust the good old clean fingers to help work it into your skin and achieve a flawless base. It’s the ultimate product to ace the no-makeup makeup look because it doesn’t get or feel cakey on the skin, and doesn’t settle into fine lines and pores. Skin tints work well to give you that hydrated glowing look you love, but does it help conceal blemishes, spots, and redness? No! This product is best for when you’re looking to create a barely-there base with zero effort. When compared to a BB or CC cream, skin tints offer extremely light coverage and only help in evening out your skin tone, without offering any concealing benefits. If you’re looking for a base product that is truly breathable and lives up to its promise of not clogging your pores, then a skin tint should be your product of choice.


best liquid foundation

Daily Life Forever52 Ultra Definition Liquid Foundation

best serum foundation

Clinique Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation

The good old foundation never disappoints! Whether you want light, medium, or full coverage, there’s a foundation for that. Foundations offer the most coverage and have the widest range of shades to meet every skin tone. Matte or dewy, you can achieve both the finishes with the right foundation. When applying your foundation, always make sure to start applying it from the area where you want most coverage. If you’re looking for something that covers blemishes while offering the best coverage, then foundation is the obvious choice for you. But foundations can look cakey and feel heavy, weighing down on your skin. This is where the lighter counterparts, aka, BB creams, CC creams, and skin tints come into play. With different formulations like liquid, serum, mousse, and more, there’s more options to choose from depending on the occasion and skin type.

Now that you know the differences between these complexion enhancers, it’s time to pick what suits you and your skin’s needs best!

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