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Digestive Supplements To Improve Gut Health

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Improve Digestive System

When it comes to gut health, there’s one thing we know for sure. What you eat has a direct impact on your digestive system. So, while there’s no one ‘recipe’ for a smooth digestion, chomping on refined carbs, processed food and fried, greasy snacks clearly doesn’t help. Even low-calorie drinks and ice creams contain artificial sweeteners, that can worsen digestive issues leading to heartburn, bloating, upset stomachs, diarrhoea and constipation. Moreover, in certain cases stress can play havoc on your digestive system, causing IBS (Irritable Bowel syndrome) and ulcers.

So, what’s a girl to do? How to make your digestive system strong? Well, for starters, adopt a diet based on fresh vegetables and fruits that are easy to digest and high on nutritional value. Fiber-rich foods and probiotics are also a great way to ease stomach issues. Last, but not the least, increase your fluid intake (Re: water, herbal teas etc.) for a smoother digestion. If this wasn’t enough, adding digestive supplements to your every diet can also help reset a sluggish digestive system and give it a much necessary boost.

From fixing bloating to improving gut health, we’ve rounded up an array of supplements that promise to fix all your digestive issues.

(PS: We recommend consulting your nutritionist before incorporating these in your diet)

Top Digestive Supplements 

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1. WOW Life Science Probiotics Capsules

Probiotics are the ‘good’ bacteria that are already present in your digestive tract and help with digestion. However, the greatest damage to this environment comes from antibiotics, which destroy both good and bad bacteria—leading to diarrhoea and other issues. One of the best probiotic supplement, WOW Life Science Probiotics Capsules enhances the balance of intestinal bacterial flora and lends a strong helping hand to soothing digestion. What’s more, this formula is free of dairy, gluten and soy.

2. Akiva Triphala Digestion Booster Ready To Drink Ayurvedic Juice Pack Of 12

Don’t have time to whip up a smoothie in the morning? Well, these wellness shots from Akiva are the best supplements to improve digestion. Containing an equal mixture of herbs Amalaki (Amla without seed), Bibhitaki, and Haritaki, they pack a powerful punch of essential nutrients and antioxidant properties that keep the digestive process running smoothly and efficiently. We will take four more, please!

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3. Kapiva Ayurveda Amla + Digest 60 Capsules

Looking for something to regularise your bowels? Consider this product an answer to ‘How can I improve my Digestive System?’ Containing Amla and Mulethi, these capsules are infused with high fibers, water, and anti-inflammatory properties that aid in relieving constipation, acidity, and stomach discomfort. Plus, it helps in the absorption of protein, improves metabolism and also protects against ulcers.

4. FitZup No Bloat Tea

Enriched with handpicked ingredients from the lush forests, the FitZup No Bloat Tea is just the digestive supplement you need to take care of belly bloat. Vitamin-C and Iron-rich Stinging Nettle helps reduce bloating and cramps, while Cherry Stem has natural laxative properties. Oh, and the Corn Silk in the tea reduces inflammation and fungal infections. Enough said!

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5. HealthVit Activated Charcoal 500mg 60 Tablets

Hit refresh on your gut health with the HealthVit’s Activated Charcoal Tablets that flushes out toxins from the body. Derived from a special high-quality grade Charcoal, it works by trapping toxins and chemicals in it’s millions of tiny pores. Also, in addition to helping you improve your digestive system, it also prevents hangovers, treats alcohol poisoning and alleviates gas and bloating.

6. Tea Treasure Pure Chamomile Herbal Tea

From taming upset stomach to curbing acid reflux and easing heartburn, this magic elixir literally does it all. The tea is infused with pure Chamomile Flowers which have anti-inflammatory properties, thus lowering acidity and soothing the digestive tract. PS: Due to its stress relieving properties, this one’s also great for people suffering from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) as well.

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