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Ditch Black For These Five Badass Colored Mascaras

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You know what’s better than intense, brow-grazing lashes? A rainbow lash attack! We’re so done with the average black mascara wand. If it’s next on your to-break-beauty-stereotypes list too, let’s take baby steps into the world of colored mascaras together. From a burst of blue to a pop of pink, nothing says look-at-me in bolder letters than a pair of vibrant AF flutterers.  

Mer-Made For You

Whether you’re working that tan on a beach or meeting up with old school buds, no time is a bad time for electric blue lashes. A lightweight yet long-lasting coat of the brightest blue, the Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara - Royal Blue adds instant drama to a dull day. The smart curl wand allows smooth strokes for perfectly curled lashes, while the D-Panthenol infused formula prevents clumping.

Pink Punk

Pink is the new black and we’re taking it seriously. Candy floss your lashes with the BeYu Color Play Lash Tip Mascara - Think Pink and strut into the room with palpable confidence. Powered by nourishing Carnauba Wax, this formula promises intense, expect smudge-proof color transfer in the first swish. Pink, voluminous lashes, comin’ right up.

Seal The Teal

True teal green suckers at heart, we’ve fallen in deep, irrevocable love with the eccentric color over time. So much so, we don’t mind having teal on our lashes even. Be a total rebellious lashster and go for the Inglot Color Play Mascara - 02 Green. While the formula is transfer-proof to the T, the wand separates each lash, creating a brilliant fanned look. #BBApprovedTealScenes

Purple Rhapsody

Life is short, but your lashes don’t have to be. Tackle skimpy lash problems even while you’re painting them purple. Enter the 3INA The Color Mascara – 103. Easily one of the best lengthening wands out there, this is a downright magic show. With this cruelty-free vegan superstar, you get greater definition with clump-free color stat.

Bae-gundy Vibes

Since black is passé, our priorities are changing. Did someone say burgundy? Our definition of lethal lashes involves dipping them in some heavy-duty metallic love, which is exactly what Kiko Milano Smart Colour Mascara - 05 Metallic Burgundy intends to do. The triangular fibre brush ensures that even the shortest hair lashes out loud. Count this a thumbs-up from us.
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