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Dive Into Five Celebrity Vanity Cases That Fuel The Perfect Holiday

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Thanks to rabid paparazzi taking over our Instagram feeds day after day, celebrity’s making a dash at the airport is now a thing to reckon with. As Priyanka Chopra puts it, “I feel like home is a plane.” And it can get exasperating to be privy to frequent flyers setting off to greener pastures at the blink of an eyelid, to come up roses afterwards nonetheless. As for us lesser mortals? Unpacking is usually the easy cleanse thereafter a holiday. Ridding off suntan, dehydrated skin, puffy eyes, parched lips or lifeless hair is where our real off-loading begins.

Travel like a star with beauty tips straight from the travel pros. Five superstars get talking on all that their vanity case boasts of. Now, up for you to snag. Bon voyage!

  1. Katrina Kaif

    “My personal trips are about relaxing. Since I’ve been exposed to diverse cultures, I find it easy to adjust to new places and gel with new people. Also, I always try to look beyond what I have read or heard about a place, to discover something new on my own.”

    Travel Essentials:

    “I always carry sunscreen, a balmy gloss, moisturizer, cleanser and a light-weight hair oil to keep my hair frizz-free.”


    “I drink a lot of water and avoid alcohol and sugar-rich, carbonated drinks that are dehydrating in a pressurized environment. I try to sleep as much as possible on flights.”

  2. Priyanka Chopra

    “I feel like home is a plane… Travelling changed my life completely. If you want to be stagnant and never grow, that’s when you stop travelling. It’s an expansion of your creativity, experience, and life.”

    Travel Essentials:

    “I’m crazy about moisturizing my face, body, and hands. If possible, slap on a nice facemask for about 15-20 minutes before landing. It’s a great moisture boost. And don’t worry, no one is looking!”


    “I let the mood of the flight take me along. Don’t try and survive the flight; enjoy it!”

  3. Jacqueline Fernandez

    “School teaches you discipline. But travel is great learning at a young age. It’s meeting and bonding with different people that truly makes you an international citizen.”

    Travel Essentials:

    “Definitely my sunglasses and sunscreen. Besides protecting my skin from the sun, I hydrate and nourish myself at all times (flying seriously dehydrates). I also keep switching between fresh juices and water, of course. The next must haves are hand sanitizer, body mist (keeps my skin hydrated) and my comfy pajamas.


    “Travel alone, sometimes. I am dying to do it in India. I want to take a train here, go on the Maharaja Express.”

  4. Alia Bhatt

    “My sister, Shaheen, is my ideal travel partner. My annual holiday is usually London, but I would love to visit Greece. I love exploring new restaurants (or even old favorites) on my travels; shop and watch Broadway shows when possible.”

    Travel Essentials:

    “My holiday beauty look would be just fresh dewy skin and a pop of lip colour with a lot of Maybelline New York Mascara. I apply a moisturizing or hydrating cream just before I sleep and most importantly, I drink a lot of water before and after my flight.”


    “I love seaside destinations especially in summer. I leave my hair open for those salty beach waves and my skin is bare except for sunscreen and moisturizer.”

  5. Kalki Koechlin

    “Resort or package travel makes a person boring. Travelling should be about making yourself available to the world around you rather than taking your world with you. The idea is to step out of your comfort zone and realize that there is something else happening in this world.”

    Travel Essentials:

    “Wherever I go, I always take anti-chlorine shampoo, Argan oil, body butter, sunscreen, day and night creams, moisturizer, facial wipes, eye pencil, my Gillette Venus razor and a lip balm along.”


    “When you’re tired, jetlagged, or had a long day at work, nothing lifts your face up like a smile.”

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