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Diwali Gifting Made Easy With Affordable, Yet Personalised Shopping Guide

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Mithais, patakhas, diyas, fairy lights everywhere, rangolis, midnight family antakshari and full-on festivities…. Diwali is all this and so much more! And with 2020 weighing you down, now is the perfect time to shower your love on your dear ones and enjoy to the fullest. And the best language of showing your love, this Diwali? Gifts! But what to buy? Let’s face it, generic gifts are so 1980s. And each of your friends and family members have their own unique styles, likes and personalities. Fret not, we have the perfect gifting guide for your loved ones according to their eccentric characters. These options will be light on your pockets, all the while saying how well you know and love each of them! Psst… Everything listed here is under ₹1000! Are you ready to shop?

1. For the Romantics

We all have that one friend or family who goes out of their way to believe in romance. You know the kind; they can recite rom-coms and have playlists full of love songs… Gifting them is quite easy. They love the colour red, the fragrance of roses and heart-shaped items.

2. For the Creatives

Artists and musicians in your fam? Complement their creativity with gifts that will churn out their inner skills and make their Diwali even more beautiful. They love experimenting with colours and don’t mind taking risks, even in fashion or style.

3. For the Nature Lovers

Close to the Earth, nature lovers have an amazing appreciation for natural products and ingredients. You can think of products in skincare to earthy fragrances that will make them happy. If they’re also keen on keeping themselves healthy, an assortment of natural teas will be perfect.

4. For the Party Lovers

These are the social animals of your family. They love to dress up and celebrate even the little things and like to enjoy all moments of life. Their life is full of glam and glitter, quick touch-ups between dances and lots of late nights.

5. For the Fitness Freaks

They’re the easiest to gift. Not only are health-conscious products trending high, but you have many, many options to choose from. You can think of gifting them healthy snack boxes, immunity packs, skin and hair health care baskets and so much more.

6. For the Hard-Working Professionals

Serious and always working, these are the family members or friends who rarely give themselves a break. They like things that are classic and formal, while also having a soft spot for products that will help them relax a bit. We suggest let Diwali be their much-needed breather.

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