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DIY Overnight Beauty Treatments For Your Wedding Day

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So, let’s get one thing straight. The three most important things any bride needs for her skin on her wedding day is flawlessness, a natural healthy glow, and lustrous hair. And, believe us, no matter how much your makeup artist makes things easy for you, that gorgeous bridal glow comes only from the inside. Today, toss aside all your long-term regimens and focus on the following magic tricks that take as little as a night to work.
Wish for brightened, enlarged eyes for your big day? If you've been battling puffiness around your eyes, here's a cool trick - depuff them by adding an extra pillow and sleep on your back. Your elevated head will allow the fluids around your eyes to drain easier and keep the puffiness to a minimum.
Brilliantly glowing skin is what you need? Get hold of Vitamin C tablets, and mix half of one with your night cream or serum. Get instantly glowing skin the next day- however confirm the grammage of Vitamin C with your dermat. You don't want to go too high.
Soften your feet overnight by wearing cotton socks to bed! That's true - it's as easy as it gets! Flaunt your mehendi-decked feet next day by applying some vaseline to them the night before, and put on socks. You'll be surprised at how soft your feet are by the time you wake up next morning!
An age-old trick but works like a charm! After all, you don't want your pictures to showcase a bad set of teeth! To whiten your teeth in just a few minutes, take some baking soda powder and sprinkle it on your toothbrush. Rub it across your teeth and rinse with water properly. The whitening ingredients in Baking soda help you attain a whiter, pearlier set of teeth!
Get bouncier waves by switching to a satin pillowcase, and tie a braid before you sleep. You'll wake up with pretty, wavy hair. The satin pillow case reduces friction and keeps your locks softer throughout the night! This one's for those who move too much while sleeping!
Essential oils FTW! If you wish to see quick results, make a quick concoction of Tea Tree Oil and Almond Oil and apply on your face the night before. Not only does this face mask lend adequate hydration to your face, but also helps in reducing dark circles.
Reduce the appearance of wrinkles in just a night by going to bed with a sleeping mask on. Sleeping masks are enriched with skin-plumping agents that promote suppleness. A great quality mask when worn over your well-moisturised eyes holds the moisture in, not to forget, preventing your skin from developing creases along your cheeks and temple.
This one's one of the most impressive beauty tips for a winter wedding! If you've long battled excessive dry skin, sleep with a humidifier in your bedroom. You read that right! The humidifier will hold the necessary moisture and hydration in your skin, keeping your skin glowing and vibrant the next day.
Plagued by dull, flaky skin? Check for an overnight cream that contains glycolic acid. This agent not only boosts moisture retention, but lends a nice, healthy glow to your skin the next day by reducing dryness and flakes. However, note that glycolic acid by itself is highly acidic, and so, check for a cream that has a very low percentage of glycolic acid in it.
Dreading an unsightly breakout right before the most important day of your life? Now, you have a magic trick that can put all your pimple worries at bay! Zinc, happens to be an excellent antibacterial agent in reducing the appearance of pimples. Pick a sebum controller that contains adequate amount of zinc to fight pimples overnight by drying them out.
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