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DIY Skincare Treatments For The Hurried Bride

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The preparation leading up to your big day can be tiring, and not to mention a little pricey if you're opting for a bunch of treatments at the beauty parlour! Instead, start off with some super simple homemade remedies to get that beautiful, natural glow - inside out! They're easy to do, easy to apply, within the comfort of your home and they're oh so gentle on your skin. And these face packs are easy on the pocket and can give you an instant glow effortlessly. Plus, these are ingredients straight from your fridge so you can use them even till the last day before your wedding.
De-tan: Besan & Haldi
Add some haldi, a little besan (chickpea flour) and some yoghurt to a small bowl and mix well. Apply this generously all over your face/neck. Leave on for about fifteen minutes, then gently rinse off in circular motions. This particular mask is perfect for those of you with any blemishes or scarring on your face and also de-tans. You can use this practically every day!
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Hydration: Honey & Banana
Mash up half a banana, add a teaspoon of honey and a little bit of yoghurt. Combine and spread all over your face. Leave this on for about fifteen minutes. This particular mask is the bomb when it comes to giving you baby soft skin. Suuuuper soothing!
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Clean-up: Papaya & Mint
Take half a cup of mashed papayas, four tablespoons of mint paste (just ground up some mint leaves) and a tablespoon of honey. Mix these up and apply to your face. Leave on for up to fifteen minutes. Papaya smooths your skin, mint acts as a natural cleanser to rid your skin of those impurities caused by pollution and honey softens the skin.
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Glow: Rose & Yoghurt
This is great for those of you who tend to have rosacea or if your skin tends to over-heat/turn red easily. To make your rose paste, you need to combine about six to seven rose petals, a teaspoon of turmeric and two tablespoons of milk into your blender. Blend these until you have a nice creamy paste. Spread this all over your face and neck and leave for about fifteen to twenty minutes.
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Cleansing: Cucumber & Honey
Peel half a cucumber and add to your blender along with two tablespoons of milk. Also add two tablespoons of honey. Blend these well. Apply this generously on your face and leave for fifteen minutes. Cucumber and honey facials are amazing at cleansing the skin and clearing fine lines.
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