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DIY Unicorn Makeup Look You’ve Been Waiting For!

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Unicorns, everyone's mythical spirit animal, are really having a moment. The unicorn makeup look is huge these days! But while it looks stunning on international models, this DIY makeup isn’t easy to carry off. Or so we thought. Until we met Sandhya Shekar, the makeup whiz behind top magazine covers, and begged her to let us in on a more doable unicorn makeup look that won’t have your friends running for cover! Trust us, you won’t want to give this a miss.
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Go minimal for maximum effect
According to Sandhya, the trick is to keep the colors minimal and let the eyes do all the talking by choosing the best eye makeup. She says, “Get hints of colour only on the middle of your eyelid so that it acts as a highlighter. Don’t color your entire eyelid because that makes the look too dramatic for daily wear.”  Another trick she swears by; “Select colours closer to your skin tone like warm gold, white, purples, and greens.”
Apart from the eyes, Sandhya admits that even the lips have a lot to say in how your look DIY makeup finally turns out. “Using a dash of glitter just in the centre of your lips over a neutral shade makes your lips pop instantly. In fact, you can also use it as a highlighter for your face; keep the rest of your face bare and use a little of it just on your cheekbones and the cupid’s bow”, says Sandhya.
Acing the unicorn horn
Isn’t the unicorn horn the best part about this hot makeup trend? But how do you achieve it without spending hours in front of the mirror? Sandhya says, “Don’t do the full liner; just stick to the corners. Use a tape for the perfect angle since drawing such an intricate free-hand extension is a task. Once you’re done with the black wing, use a white liner to draw intertwining circles around the wing. Lastly, fill it up with white and apply a generous amount of mascara on your lashes.”
Since colors are what make or break the DIY unicorn makeup look, your choice of hues is super critical. Sandhya suggests using hints of greens, blues, golds, pinks, purples, and reds over a stark white base. In fact, that’s trending on runways too. But what does the dusky, Indian woman do? “She should reverse the colours in the monochrome unicorn horn. Even a blue wing is something that looks great on Indian women”, says Sandhya.
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Unicorn hair anyone?
There’s no point nailing the unicorn makeup without tresses that complement it. Sandhya doesn’t believe in stark hair colors and always prefers going a few shades lighter than her natural hair color. “However, if you’re a little more experimental, go for a red or blue on the fringes. You could also consider coloring just the undercut”, says Sandhya. Don’t panic if you’re not much of a hair-color person; hair trends also add to your unicorn makeup look. Try out the different different hair styling products available nowadays. Deep side-partings are back and so are messy boho-braids since we’re already stepping into the hot summer.
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