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Double Down On Skin Protection With Dermatologically-Tested SkinRX Sunscreens

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review of SkinRX ultra defence oil sunscreen

The relentless sun can wreak havoc on the skin, leading to rashes, burns and pigmentation. To keep these concerns at bay, it is integral that you weave an infallible sunscreen into your skincare. Luckily, Nykaa SKINRX has just launched two incredible offerings, Ultra Defence Oil Free and Ultra Matte Dry Touch, for your consideration. These clinically-tested formulas not only grant you the requisite sun protection but also go the extra mile to alleviate skin-related stress. Intrigued? Just hold up, one second! To help you make an informed decision, a fellow beauty editor and I recently tried and tested these offerings. Scroll further for an honest review of these bona’find’ sun protection formulas!

1. Beauty Editor- Srishty Singh Reviews Ultra Defence Oil Free Sunscreen

srishty singh

Srishty Singh

Claims-About The Formula

6H Sun Protection

SPF 50 PA+++

Advanced UVA/UVB Filters

Free Of Harmful Filters

Offers Blue Light Protection

review of Ultra Defence Oil Free Sunscreen

Nykaa SKINRX Ultra Defence Oil Free Sunscreen

In all honesty, I have always been wary of trying new sunscreen products. This hesitation may be attributed to my lifelong struggle with oily and acne-prone skin. Even with the application of the lightest of formulations in the past, my skin has broken out into zits without fail. But as an ardent fan of the SKINRX range, especially the day moisturiser, which helped elevate my skincare regimen, exponentially— I decided to take the plunge.

Unlike many others, this sunscreen formula is lightweight, breathable and blends beautifully into my skin— disappearing almost instantly. There is no unwarranted white cast or residue left behind. In fact, it made my skin velvety soft. I have been stepping out daily after slathering this SPF onto my skin to brave the Mumbai heat. To my surprise, the sunscreen never feels icky or uncomfy on my skin and doesn’t budge even with considerable perspiration. The SPF50++PA+++ formula shields the skin from UVA, UVB and blue rays. As someone, who spends a big chunk of her time plonked in front of the laptop, typing away to glory– this sunscreen ticks all the boxes.

Final Thoughts: I have been using this product for over a month and it has miraculously reduced the frequency of acne breakouts on my skin. My face feels clearer and brighter than ever, a happy coincidence? I think not!

Beauty Editor-Richa Popat Reviews Ultra Dry Matte Touch Sunscreen

richa popat

richa popat

Claims-About The Formula

3-in-1 Benefits: Primes + Protects + Brightens

SPF 50+ PA+++

Triple Protection From Oxidative Stress

Has Antioxidants and Minerals

Fights Premature Ageing

Cancels Out Pollution Damage

Ultra Dry Matte Touch Sunscreen

Nykaa SKINRX Ultra Matte Dry Touch Sunscreen

Admittedly, I am a skincare snob— extremely particular about the products I commit to in my regimen. Sifting through a gazillion products on the market and vetting them is my idea of jam. And I am happy to concur that the Ultra Dry Matte Touch Sunscreen has successfully passed the toughest of beauty tests in my books.

This sunscreen is non-greasy, feather-light and delivers on its promise of a gorgeous matte finish on application. It blurs patches of uneven skin and blemishes to create a super smooth canvas for the rest of the makeup— which bodes well for me because layering in summer is a nightmare. Furthermore, this potent formula is water-proof and sweat-defying, and I have been summoning it every day before my workout sesh! The sunscreen stays put for a solid 5-to-6 hours which is mighty impressive.

Final Thoughts: This 2-in-1 product, primer cum sunscreen, has emerged as my new vanity fave. With only three weeks in, I have seen the quality of my skin improve by heaps. The instances of pigmentation that I grappled with in the dead of summer have dwindled with the use of this product. Moreover, my makeup looks flawless with this sunscreen solidifying the base.

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