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Double-Duty Beauty From Our Favourite Global Labels For Your Summer Refresh

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Here’s to all my fellow beauty enthusiasts that lean more towards multitasking, hardworking products that are known to do more than one job. Last year, we witnessed a rise in demand for double (if not more) duty items that deliver what they promise. Think on the lines of Lacto Calamine, aloe vera gels or the popular Vaseline petroleum jelly tubs–each having assorted benefits and thus, resting on our (and our parents’) shelves for years. Multitaskers that truly deliver more than one front are not only handy, pocket-friendly and time-saving but also aid in protecting the environment by reducing wastage and responsible packaging.

While skincare classics that are powered with ingredients to keep your skin healthy are on top of the list, a few editor favourites include hybrid beauty products like makeup that double up as skincare. From hydrating gel masks that target hormonal breakouts to one-stick makeup products that work for your eyes, cheeks and face, you wouldn’t want to miss these double-duty champions from the Nykaa Cross Border store listed below.

As teenagers, we were told that heavy breakouts stop once you become adults, but that’s obviously not the case. That said, hormonal acne comes with its fair share of challenges. Every month, without a delay, acne just pops out of nowhere to add to the moodiest week. But this exceptional formulation is powered with hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate, green tea extracts to protect from sun damage, and lavender and zinc to combat acne, this cooling gel mask is a fine product. It won’t tackle cramps, but with this tube of goodness, at least your hormonal breakouts can be kept at bay.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, microbiome skincare is one of the most important and valuable trends that is currently taking over the industry. A healthy microbiome ensures a strong barrier and improves skin elasticity. The Venn Probiotics Booster is supercharged with various pre and probiotics like cica extracts, bacillus ferment, and beta-glucan that cater to keeping the microbiome on your skin strong. The best part–these ingredients along with niacinamide makes this booster serum a calming and soothing solution perfect for post-treatment care.

A melting pot of beneficial ingredients, this serum is a powerhouse. Antioxidants like pomegranate and green tea reduce inflammation, and hyaluronic acid and vitamins C and E enhance collagen boosting to reduce signs of ageing. With all these heavy-hitters in the mix, this serum can reduce the multiple layers and steps of skincare, and leave you with firm, bright and glowing skin. P.S. It will reduce any sunspots or blemishes too.

One stick for a complete makeup look, the Sculpt and Shine Baton can be used as a highlighter and contouring stick, by default, but also can function as a blush, lip colour or eyeshadow too! Formulated with marine actives like golden seaweed extract and sea fennel algae extract, this multi-functional and skin-loving makeup stick has no limits. Shades curated to give your natural look some extra depth and dimension, this baton is (for obvious reasons) a global favourite.

Some ingredients have the ability to astonish us with their manifold perks like turmeric or aloe vera. In line with these, master skincare champions CBD and hemp seed oil, unite in this anti-cellulite and slimming gel. Both are bioactive extracts derived from the hemp plant. They counter free radical damage, and inflammation and help the elasticity of your skin. The gel also includes an iso-slim complex that actually breaks down excess fat and strongly improves skin strength. Win-win.

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