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Draping, The New Contouring: Blush 101

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Beauty Command: Put down that contour stick and start sculpting with blush. Say hello to the “draping” technique, a spinoff on contouring. If not for fashion and beauty maverick Marc Jacobs we’d still be contouring or grappling with its complicated alternatives, nontouring, tantouring, clown contouring…
Draping, the technique du jour embraces the concept of ‘contour glow’. Not only has it got the stamp of approval from leading, international make-up artists but the runway too. At this year’s Met Gala red carpet appearance, it wasn’t Rihanna’s fancy attire but violet-tinged cheeks that made head’s turn.
Aimed to enhance the natural bone structure of your face, it replaces complexion correctors with the pop of blush. Ideally a play of two tones. The result? A fresh, #IWokeUpLikeThis, post-dance glow. A trend introduced in the ’70s, Draping ruled the waves till the ’90s and made a return to favor this past year.  The new avatar is also slightly different; we don’t apply blush all the way down to our jawline anymore. Nor are we as rigid about ‘em rules.
So, scroll down to master the four Draping styles 2017 offers in its second stint.
Technique: Create the number three on either side of your face. With a two-toned powder blush palette and an angled brush, Start draping the highpoints of your bone structure. Begin by horizontally colouring your cheekbones with a darker hue and gradually go lighter in the outer corners of your eyes and temples. Unlike the ’80s, ditch your jawline and chin for a modern take.
Inspiration: Kenzo Spring/Summer 2017 runway
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Technique: Replace your powder blush with a cream blush. In case you don’t wish to invest in one, blend your blush with balm, a face oil or even a light-weight moisturizer for an iridescent glow. This look is low on pigment, high on luminosity. However, the right shade matters. Pick a red and pink hue for a fresh appeal or a peach tint for a sun-kissed #vacay vibe.
Inspiration: Balmain Spring/Summer 2017 runway
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Technique: For those who’d like to turn up the drama, nothing quicker and more impactful than a metallic glaze. With or without a hint of colour, it’ll put you on the spotlight nevertheless. Opt for a highlighter or bronzer for a stronger take. Although, if you’d prefer a softer sheen, an illuminator works like a backlight to your blush.
Inspiration: Fenty X Puma by Rihanna Spring/Summer 2017
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Technique: This one’s easy peasy. Not only because you can use a lip and cheek stain but also use the warmth of your fingertips instead of a make-up brush. Begin by circling a ‘C’ around your eyes moving onto your cheeks. Blend, blend, blend till it exude a natural flush. If you’re confident enough, you can even fuse in a shimmery sheen.
Inspiration: Adam Selman Spring/Summer 2017 runway
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