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Dutch Braid Tutorial

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Dutch Braid Tutorial
A Dutch braid is a simple, yet elegant, hair style that looks equally gorgeous with jeans as it does with a slinky evening dress. It's an elegant way of taking your hair up when you're in the mood for something more than a boring ponytail. The Dutch and French braids are very similar. In fact, the Dutch variation is also called the inside out/reverse French braid. Know one and the other becomes a breeze. Well, even if you don't, it's easy enough to master. Just follow these simple steps to create your Dutch braid. Step 1: Comb your hair out and separate the bangs.
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Dutch Braid Tutorial
Step 2: Grab a section of hair at the crown and divide into three equal parts as you would for a normal braid. Step 3: Start braiding like you would for a normal braid, the only difference being that you have to braid it downwards with the hair being pulled under the braid and not over it. In other words, the strands should go under the previous strands rather than over. Braid as you always do, taking section 1 and pulling it under section 2 and then weaving section 3 under section 2.
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Dutch Braid Tutorial
Step 4: Now grab a small section of hair one side of your head and add it to the main strand like you do while making a French braid. Braid it and then repeat the same action on the other side of your head. Step 5: Keep adding small portions of hair from each side till all the loose hair is used up as demonstrated. Step 6: Keep braiding all the hair, finally securing the braid with an elastic band.
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Dutch Braid Tutorial
Step 7: Alternately you can roll the lowest braid and pin it with bobby pins to make a bun at bottom. Don't get discouraged the first time you try making a Dutch braid. Get a friend to be your model so that you can practice it a few times before trying it on yourself. Once you master the basics of this type of braid, other hairstyle variations will be a cakewalk. Jinal Patel owner of the blog https://dazzlingbelle.com/ is a Delhi-based beauty blogger, adviser and makeup junkie with a serious passion for writing
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