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E.T, Phone Home — Flower Beauty Is Finally Here!

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A few years ago, if you’d told us our favorite childhood actress and ‘90s sweetheart Drew Barrymore was starting a beauty line, we wouldn’t have believed you. But it’s 2019, her lovechild, Flower Beauty has just launched on Nykaa, and now we can’t believe she didn’t do it sooner.
As a labour of love, Barrymore was a 100% involved in the creation of these products and it really shows. Cruelty-free, lightweight, affordable and easy to use, Flower Beauty reflects Drew’s own no-nonsense philosophy that women deserve quality but budget beauty that helps them feel and look great in their own skin. TBH? We’re pretty sold.

Here are some of our favorite picks from the Drew Barrymore’s flower beauty product range:

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    Flower Beauty In Your Prime Illuminating Primer

    Do you have dull, tired skin that constantly needs a boost? The In Your Prime Illuminating Primer is probably the missing piece de resistance in your makeup routine. While doing its regular job blurring pores and lines, it also disperses glow-emitting pigments to renew radiance. A formula packed with antioxidants and Vitamins, means pollution’s no match for this one either. 
  • Flower Beauty Light Illusion Full Coverage Concealer

    Weightless, high-coverage and longwear, the Light Illusion full Coverage Concealer ticks all the checkboxes for trusty concealer. With dark circle diffusing illumination and blurring pigments, its creamy, crease-proof formulation works like magic to banish discoloration, blemishes and fine lines, leaving you with the dewy, lit-from-within glow you’ve always dreamed of.
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    Flower Beauty Lash Warrior Mascara

    Want your most luscious lashes yet? The Lash Warrior Mascara offers dramatic volume, definition and length for a flutter as good as if you were wearing falsies. One of the best flower beauty products, its specially designed ‘Spiked Warrior brush’ has 360-degree spiked bristles that avoid clumping, perfectly coating your lashes from root to tip.
  • Flower Beauty Flower Pots Powder Blush

    The Flower Pots Powder Blush offers a color and finish as natural as the ingredients in it – we love this one because it shows up on the skin like a robust summer flush, with pigments that warm to your complexion. Give your face a subtle but radiant pick-me-up with the shade Wild Rose, a dusty, universal pink that suits most skin tones.
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    Flower Beauty Miracle Matte Liquid Lip

    What maketh the perfect liquid lipstick? In our opinion: pigmented, non-creasing color that sits soft and comfortable on your lips – all criteria that’s comfortably met by the Miracle Matte Liquid Lip. Leaving a soft, fuller-lip finish and super saturated payoff, these flower beauty cosmetics are available in gorgeous browns, nudes and earthy tones.
  • Flower Beauty Shimmer & Strobe Highlighting Palette

    Drew Barrymore calls this one the ‘Super Strobe’ – and she’s quite right! The palette includes soft, iridescent silky powders that give you the right balance of light and dimension while sculpting your face for a more refined, natural contour. If you’re new to strobing, just like Drew was, this is the perfect beginner’s palette to get into it with.
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    Flower Beauty Ultimate 3 In 1 Blending Sponge

    If you’re in the market for a new blender, you should definitely try the Ultimate 3-in-1 Blending Sponge. A narrow tip offers precise application around the eyes and nose, the teardrop allows easy contouring, while a cupped base allows you to built your foundation for a flawless, au naturale effect that doesn’t require a makeup artist.
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