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Ease Your Beauty Routine With The Best BB Creams

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Best BB Creams For All

There we said it: Foundation does get a bad rep for making your face look dry and cakey. But we all deserve a good skin day without looking overdone. Enter: BB cream. Ideal for those who are not seeking the perfect porcelain skin but a natural, dewy finish that conceals spots to an extent – enough to still embrace their freckles. We call it a beauty powerhouse because it’s a classic example of a bevy of benefits rolled into one tube.

Fun fact: The BB cream was first developed in Germany as a substitute coverage cream for foundation to be used by patients who had undergone intense skin treatments and needed a formula that wouldn’t further irritate their skin. Post that it has remained a mainstay beauty product. Read on to hop on the BB bandwagon.

What Is A BB Cream

BB cream, short for ‘blemish base’ or ‘blemish balm’ is an alternative to heavy duty foundation that provides a light skin coverage. Here’s why it’s a multipurpose product: It offers a makeup base like a primer, hydrates your skin like your moisturizer, conceals small spots like a concealer, soothes inflamed skin like your day cream, protects against sun damage like your sunscreen and overall livens up dull complexion. What we’re basically saying is that you can toss away your foundation, concealer, moisturizer and sunscreen and still manage to look gorgeous with the one-and-done BB cream. P.S. Remember this the next time you are asked the ‘stranded on an island with just three things to take’ question.

When To Use A BB Cream

When you are looking for a natural-looking coverage to even out your skin tone and a tinted glow to perk-up your complexion, reach out for the BB cream. It’s especially perfect for times you don’t want your face to feel weighed down by a thick foundation.

How To Use A BB Cream

Step 1: Squeeze a pea-sized amount of BB cream onto the back of your one hand.

Step 2: Now dipping the tip of your ring finger into the puddle of the cream, gently dab and apply the cream in dots all over your face. The key is to get sheer coverage so ensure smaller blobs.

Step 3: Starting from your forehead, work your way towards the nose, cheeks and chin to gently spread the cream with a makeup sponge using outward strokes.

Step 4: You can now follow it up with the rest of your makeup and you are good to go!

Best BB Creams

Finding a formula that works for your skin can be a task. Here’s a list of our favorite picks organized by skin types and tones.

BB Creams For Different Skin Types

Best BB Creams For Oily Skin

1. BB cream for oily skin type: Oshea Herbals 9-In-1 Mattifying Instant Glow BB Cream

Knock three steps out in one during your makeup routine with the Oshea Herbals 9-In-1 Mattifying Instant Glow BB Cream. It offers buildable-coverage, 24 hours hydration and sun defence while simultaneously imparting a natural radiance. Not only that, it promises a matte finish which makes it perfect for anyone looking for a non-greasy formula that won’t cause breakouts. Definitely considering switching from your regular foundation to this.

2. BB cream for combination skin type: SUGAR Goddess Of Flawless SPF30+ BB Cream

Seeking a dual-action formula that is mattifying and hydrating? SUGAR Goddess Of Flawless SPF30+ BB Cream fits the bill perfectly. It’s a perfect match for combination skin types who need an extra hand achieving a sheer, long-lasting coverage. Free from parabens and mineral oil, it sinks into skin to instantly even out skin tone whilst hydrating any dry patches. Plus, it won’t let the UVA/UVB rays sneak into your skin thanks to its SPF infused formula.

Best BB Creams For Combination Skin
Best BB Creams For Dry Skin

3. BB cream for dry skin type: Physicians Formula Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil BB Cream SPF 30

If perpetual dryness is the reason for your skepticism, you can rule it out with the Physicians Formula Argan Wear Ultra-Nourishing Argan Oil BB Cream SPF 30, specially formulated for parched skin. Liquid gold a.k.a. Argan Oil swims in the formula which means rich conditioning so your skin stays hydrated. Add to that, it offers sun protection without the usual greasy residue found in other creams (that have given us nothing but trust issues).

4. BB cream for sensitive skin type: SoulTree BB Cream

Although it doesn’t explicitly mention in the label, SoulTree BB Cream is pro-sensitive skin. Here’s why. It purely combines the power of natural ingredients (hi Sandalwood, Turmeric, Licorice, Saffron and Pink Lotus) all handpicked from organic farms. These ingredients gently settle into skin as a protective barrier against environmental aggressors to nourish and renew skin. Plus, it’s melt-into-the-skin texture wakes up sleepy skin without clogging your pores. Our dream pick, if you will.

Best BB Creams For Sensitive Skin
Best BB Creams For Normal Skin

5. BB cream for normal skin type: Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream SPF 24/PA+++

If you’re heading out bare-faced and need just that subtle hit of coverage, you can absolutely count on the Garnier Skin Naturals BB Cream SPF 24/PA+++. Why? Just a teeny-tiny bit of this cream works at moisturizing, protecting, brightening and clarifying your skin in a jiffy. While it evens out skin tone, it also contains minerals that combat dullness induced by free radical damage – this means glowy skin in the long run.

BB Creams For Different Skin Tones

1. BB cream for dusky skin tone: SUGAR Power Clay SPF20 BB Cushion - 55 Americano (Medium-Deep, Warm Undertone)

Unlike its other peers, you won’t find the SUGAR Power Clay SPF20 BB Cushion in a typical tube. Compressed in its chic, square case is a complete feel-good-party for your skin – buildable coverage, UVA/UVB broad-spectrum protection, all-day hydration, minimized pores and even skin tone. Oh and don’t you hate how coverage creams usually oxidize over time? Well, this one promises to be a breather. We’re sold.

Best BB Creams For Dusky Skin
Best BB Creams For Wheatish Skin

2. BB cream for wheatish skin tone: Nykaa SKINgenius BB Cream SPF30 - Spiced Cinnamon 04

How about a BB cream for your skin that corrects, hydrates, repairs, protects…you get the gist? Sure, sounds like a dream but we’ve found the one that has fulfilled these demands reasonably well! Nykaa SKINgenius BB Cream SPF30 tailored for medium skin tone is a multi-function cream that saves your skin from sun damage, evens out complexion, moisturizes, slows aging and imparts an unmissable glow. Plus, it’s enriched with nourishing extracts of Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Cucumber and Jojoba and still feels absolutely weightless.

3. BB cream for fair skin tone: Paul Penders Botanical Vegan 4-In-1 Perfecting BB Cream – Light

You know what would be better than a mere BB cream? A color correcting formula that is also replete with anti-aging ingredients to gradually knock years off your face with every use. Paul Penders Botanical Vegan 4-In-1 Perfecting BB Cream does just that and a little more. The ingredients work together to bring down sallowness, smoothen and hydrate parched skin. Oh and if you are a vegan, look no further.

Best BB Creams For Fair Skin

FAQs on BB Creams

1. What is the use of BB cream?

BB cream is like a makeup base that also offers skin care benefits, such as hydration, SPF protection, and glow. If you don’t want to weight down your face with multiple products, such as primer, foundation, concealer, moisturizer and sunscreen, you can simply opt for the lightweight alternative – BB cream. A few BB creams also go the extra mile and help improve skin’s elasticity, reduce wrinkles, minimize pores, combat aging, and impart a natural glow. You can apply it as your makeup base before the primer or even use it as a standalone product.

2. Recommend BB creams for different skin concerns.

3. I am currently dealing with acne and pimples on my skin and so I would like to take a break from heavy foundations. Kindly suggest best bb creams for acne prone skin.

4. What are the best bb creams for oily skin?

5. Recommend best bb creams for dry skin.

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