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Easy-Breezy Beauty With Simple’s Kind To Skin Sheet Masks

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Yes, K-Pop and Korean food are seriously out-of-this-world amazing, but if there’s one thing that we can’t thank Korea enough for, it has to be sheet masks. Whether you need a relaxing pamper sesh or a quick fix to ease those acne outbreaks, you can always rely on this budget skincare fix.
With a new sheet mask launching every day, picking the right one is next to impossible. Enter Simple with their Kind To Skin sheet masks that’ll have you glowing in under 15 minutes. Infused with skin-purifying ingredients and free of harsh chemicals, these skin-sensitive masks will moisturize your skin, reduce stress and protect you from pollution.
PS: These fit your face so perfectly, we wouldn’t mind pulling a Katy Perry and popping one on in public for a cheeky selfie.
So, which one has your skin concern written all over it? Let our breakdown help you out:

The Hydrating Hero

You know those days when you want to catch a break, but your patchy skin won’t let you be? Nothing seems to quench its thirst except an elaborate hydrating routine, and between work, errands and a million other responsibilities, you definitely don’t have the time for that. With Simple’s Kind To Skin Moisture Sheet Mask, that’s not going to be a worry. Enriched with soft natural fibers, minerals and plant extracts, this one is a multi-tasker. It will soften, moisturize and cleanse your face in one go.
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The Stress Buster

The final season of Game of Thrones will soon be upon us, and we know you must be biting your nails over the death count this season (relatable). Top that off with all the other stressors of a big city life, and your face is bound to be plagued with premature wrinkles, worry lines and breakouts. Now, we can’t drive all your stress away, but Simple’s Kind To Skin De-Stress Sheet Mask can definitely alleviate it with the cooling effects of Aloe and other skin-soothing vitamins. Godsent, literally!

The Pollution Fighter

Feel like you need to extract a hundred layers of pollution from your pores at the end of every day? Here’s Simple Kind To Skin Pollution Protect Sheet Mask. If you have sensitive skin that is quick to react to smoke, dust and dirt, slap on this vitamin-enriched sheet that is infused with active, pollution-fighting nutrients. Its serum will hydrate your skin instantly, minimizing the drying effects of pollution. The end result: Fresh, good-as-new skin. Need another reason to get your hands on this baby?
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