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Eat Your Way To Eternal Beauty With Best Foods For Skin

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Let’s accept it. All that rain and squelch is the perfect breeding ground for germs. And while you stock up on antibacterial this and that, don’t neglect the most important piece of the puzzle – DIET, that could make it all go in vain. Exotic body care and the big fat bag of wafers makes for a bad marriage. ‘You are what you eat’ stands true even for below-the-neck beauty.

Here’s how to shore up on some best food for healthy skin along with tried-and-true skin formulas that also work.

Best foods for skin- stretch marks

1. PROBLEM: Stretch Marks

What if we told you that 90% of women get stretch marks at least once in their lifetime? And did you also know they’re much easier to treat when fresh? Now we’re not saying those tiger stripes are ‘ugly’, but if you want them to fade away, here’s the answer, zinc, vitamin and protein rich foods. This means lots of nuts, berries and soy.

Pro tip: Keep your skin elastic with oodles of hydration. Sip on that water!

Nykaa recommends: Bio Oil

2. PROBLEM: Body Acne

When sweat and oil production ramp up, the backstory of bacne and all over acne begins. Just because this condition isn’t visible to others doesn’t make it less painful. But we promise it isn’t a death sentence! Complex carbohydrates from whole grains and beans and omega 3 fatty acids help fight skin inflammation. Also, up your garlic intake and remember to brush well afterwards!

Nykaa recommends: Mirah Belle Tea Tree - Haritaki Anti Acne Body

Best foods for skin- body acne
Best foods for skin- dryness

3. PROBLEM: Dryness

Entering the onslaught of itchiness and redness? We feel you. Flaky skin, wherever it is, on your face elbows or back is troublesome. Treat it by having your fill of foods that moisturize you from within; honey, plant oils and fatty acids from aloe vera, bananas, water, cucumber, flax seeds and coconut oil. And good news for avocado fans – fatty acids aka lipids in this fruit are awesome for sealing in moisture. Time to head to the pantry to quench some thirst?

Nykaa recommends: Kama Ayurveda Lavender Patchouli Body Moisturiser

4. PROBLEM: Eczema

Living with the daily annoyance of angry red sores can be a lil harsh. No part of the body is spared but eczema doesn’t have to define you or rule your life. While you should consult a dermatologist, focusing on eating right is super important. Avoid dairy, eggs, nuts and fish. Meanwhile, apples, blueberries, cherries, broccoli, spinach and kale help soothe inflammation.

Nykaa recommends: Tjori Eczema Treatment Sandalwood Face Pack

Best foods for skin- eczema
Best foods for skin- dullness

5. PROBLEM: Dullness

Glowing skin, just one of the things you can’t define but you can definitely see.  Dull skin could be a result of stress, inadequate sleep and a poor diet. It’s time to take a step back, invest in a good skincare regime, get regular exercise and rest. A lot of water, leafy vegetables and healthy fats help too. Try eating your fill of brightly colored veggies and fruit, nuts and seeds and of course plenty if aqua.

Nykaa recommends: The Face Shop The Solution Brightening Face Mask

6. PROBLEM: Pigmentation

If you’re hoarding up on color correctors and foundation to cover up an uneven skin tone, you might want to change up your plate of food as well. Sun damage, inflammation or hormones are the key culprits but here’s some news for you. Say farewell to colas, energy drinks, chocolate bars and anything out of a can. Did ya know potatoes and tomatoes have de-pigmentation properties while foods like spinach, lettuce, nuts and oranges help even out skin tone?

Nykaa recommends: FabIndia Vitamin E De Pigmentation Cream

Best foods for skin- pigmentation
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