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Eat your way to glossy tresses

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Best Food For Shiny Hair

The average woman has dozens of hair potions—from shampoos and serums to oils and sprays—in her beauty line-up. But we all secretly know that gleaming hair starts from within. The best part, sexy strand ingredients are already there in any well stocked kitchen. After all, every savvy gal knows that she is the sum total of the quality of food she eats.

Read on to know the top foods that will give you the bouncy, shiny mane you’ve always wanted.

food for silky smooth hair - walnuts

1. Walnuts

No surprise that this brain shaped nut is a power house of everything you need for an alert mind and a glossy head of hair. Walnuts are rich in Alpha-Linolenic Acid, a fatty acid that is a key ingredient for healthy, moisturized locks. Walnuts also help enrich your natural color. Make sure you grab a small fistful every day.

2. Bananas

This pulpy fruit is rich in Vitamin B6, Iron, Silica, Potassium, Copper, Magnesium and Manganese. Vitamin B6 deficiency has been linked to strand thinning, hair loss, immunity disorders and anaemia. This water soluble vitamin also converts amino acid tryptophan into serotonin, the feel-good hormone, and helps the body absorb the nutrients it receives from the food we eat. Eat a banana daily for hydrated and nourished hair follicles and strands.

food for silky smooth hair - banana
food for silky smooth hair – brown rice

3. Brown Rice

Time to ditch white for brown! Combine a vegetarian protein like daal with a Vitamin B rich complex carb like brown rice and you have a winner on your hands. Or just try a brown rice protein isolate. It provides the energy needed to build and maintain strong hair. Moreover, brown rice is full of the hormone-regulating mineral zinc, which directly impacts the growth rate and thickness of strands.

4. Yoghurt

Who knew that the humble dahi had hair strengthening properties?  Yoghurt is replete with strand boosting protein, calcium and Vitamin B5, the last is also a common hair friendly ingredient found in strand serums. Plus the probiotics and gut-friendly bacteria aid in good digestion. A healthy gut means you can efficiently absorb the minerals and vitamins from food so that your strands get adequate nutrition.

food for silky smooth hair - yogurt
food for silky smooth hair – pumpkin and flax seeds

5. Pumpkin and flax seeds

Both pumpkin and flax seeds are excellent sources of fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamins B and E. The omega-3 fatty acids nourish hair follicles from within, improving elasticity and making strands less prone to breaking. Vitamin E is known to prevent premature graying and ensure the scalp stays moisturized and dandruff-free. Dry roast flax seeds and sprinkle over salads or yoghurt along with a tablespoon of pumpkin seeds for power packed, delicious crunch.

6. Green tea

Replace your daily cuppa with several cups of green tea that has six compounds to stave off hair loss.  This antioxidant rich beverage contains polyphenols and catechins with 5-alpha-reductase inhibiting properties that lower levels of DHT (Di Hydro Testosterone), the substance that causes hair loss in men and women. These anti-inflammatory properties not only stop hair loss but promote new growth as well. If you don’t like green tea, you can get the same benefits from a supplement like TGL Co. Fountain of Life Green Tea.

food for silky smooth hair – green tea
food for silky smooth hair – dark chocolate

7. Dark chocolate

As if you needed any more reasons to indulge! The vitamin, antioxidant and mineral-rich cousin to the sugar-filled milk chocolate is full of mood elevators and antioxidants that prevent damage to your hair. Choose a dark chocolate with at least 70 percent cocoa to get a daily delicious dose of iron, zinc, copper and minerals that support cell renewal to boost blood flow and oxygen to the scalp. Try RiteBite Choco Berry Bars. The result: thicker, stronger strands.

Finally, it won’t hurt to supplement with a tress friendly supplement like Pure Cure + Co. Hair Less Fall + More Growth 60 Tablets or Chicnutrix Bounce - HRC, Biotin, Selenium For A Good Hair Day, Everyday.

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