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Eight Cult Classic Fragrances For Every Woman

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Every woman is different, and so it follows with her signature scent. We’ve put together eternal, best-selling fragrances to suit everyone woman and her many moods. Whether you need a night-time paramour or a fairweather friend – there’s something sweet-smelling here for everyone.
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A long-time cult favorite, Carolina Herrera’s 212 NYC is a scent that will never go out of style. It’s an elegant mix of floral top notes (Orange blossom, Mandarin and Bergamot) and woody base notes of Sandalwood and White Musk, making for a fresh, modern fragrance that’s perfect for the city girl. The bottle separates into two travel-sized orbs of the scent, so you can keep one at home and carry the other in your bag when you’re on the go.
A scent to transport you to the Garden of Eden, Marc Jacob’s Daisy is a super fresh and romantic everyday scent. An intricately layered fragrance, it combines opening notes of Wild Strawberry, Violet Leaves and Ruby Red Grapefruit  with heart notes of Gardenia, Violet petals and Jasmine petals; while Musk, Vanilla infusion and White Wood round off the scent beautifully. If you love a feminine scent, this one’s for you.
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Well behaved girls might rarely make history, but this Good Girl is an exception. Inspired by the spirit of New York City, Carolina Herrera’s fragrance is for the independent girl who embraces both her seductive and subtle side through an oriental woody bouquet of Cocoa, Tonka beans, Tuberose and Jasmine Sambac. Good? Nah, this one’s great!
Another oldie but goldie, a self-respecting woman will never tire of the old familiar scent of Cool Water. Whether you’re heading to a beach vacation or just need a spritz of daily freshness in your step, Davidoff’s Cool Water has got your back with a delicate marriage of Watermelon and Pineapple top notes, sensuous Blackberry and wood held together with Lily of The Valley.
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Carried forward for generations, Calvin Klein truly created an eternal scent with Eternity Eau De Parfum. Then came Eternity Aqua, upgrading the bestselling scent with a marriage of woody and subtle floral notes with Pink Lady Apple, Jasmine and sun-soaked Woods. This one finds its sweet spot in its perfect balance – not too sweet, not too woody – just right!
If you like your scents full-bodied and fruity, you’ll love Paco Rabbane’s Black XS, a heady blend of oriental, floral and fruity – perfect for a night out on the town. Made for the rebellious women, the scent evokes intrigue and mystery via Massoia Wood, Black Vanilla, Cranberries, Black Violet and Rose.  
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Inspired by Givenchy’s muse, Liv Tyler, Very Irresistible is all of that charm, sophistication and allure embodied and bottled in this beautiful scent. A marriage of four Rose varieties, Vanilla powder, Star Anise and Patchouli, this scent is delicate and intoxicating all at once – no wonder it’s a fan fave.
Trust Mr Miyake to create unique, innovative scents and you’ll never be disappointed. L’Eau D’Issey, modern, versatile and fresh, hails from the woody / floral aquatic family, distilled from exotic Maritima and Ambergris, combined with white flowers, Jasmine, Damask Rose and Cashmeran. Like a drop of water on the skin, it marries beautifully with your natural scent for a subtle, aromatic boost to carry you all through the day.
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