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Eight Of The Biggest Beauty Trends To Try This Year

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‘There’s only so much you can do with your beauty regimen’… said no one ever. Take a stroll down memory lane and you will find the ONE thing that has been a constant through the years is ‘change’ (or that winged liner). Now, with more people experimenting with their makeup, skin and hair than ever, there are boundless possibilities at hand; this year though everything is brighter, bolder and larger than life. Think va va voom embellishments, fabulous gemstone eyes, ultra-glossy pouts, lashes for days weeks and highly stylised braids that are anything but basic. Then there are trends—the likes of ‘Blue Beauty’ that will place the beauty space on the sustainability map. If that’s not a reason for celebration, we don’t know what is!

From ethical to fantabulous, scroll down for all the beauty trends 2020 that will change your lives forever!

Makeup Trends – Experimental Braids

1. Experimental Braids

If you are looking for an instant makeover, then dive head-first (pun intended) into the very-chic braid trend. Choose from iconic box braids that are edgy, fun and very low maintenance (lasts for weeks), Dutch braids (perfect for formal occasions), classic fishtail braids or even really easy rope braids that can be pulled up in a high ponytail for an uber-polished look. Oh, and did you know that you can give ‘em braids a glam update by weaving with pearls, ribbons and flowers? Love.

2. Double-Trouble Lashes

Who doesn’t love a cool ‘Twiggy’ throwback? This season is all about abundance and that implies ultra-dramatic lashes, deeming everything else insignificant. Plus, the way it opens up the eyes is something we have haven’t seen before! For this look, consider skipping every eye product you have, in favour of a pair of falsies for both your upper and lower lashes. Stick ‘em on and it’s business as usual.

Beauty Trends – False Eyelashes
Beauty Trends 2020 – Draped Blush

3. The Return Of Draping

Ah, the 80s are back, and this time it’s the draped blush that will make ‘em heads turn. While we all love the allure of a bronzer, there ain’t quite anything like some poppy bright blush to define our cheekbones. What we love most about this makeup trend is that you can chisel, sculp and make your face pop—all at the same time; oh, and you can also top this up with a swipe of your fave bronzer for a light sun-kissed look.

4. The Skinimalist Approach

Adios lengthy complex skincare regimens and say hello to a more minimalist approach to beauty. The idea is to essentially veer towards slow beauty by buying and consuming less to deal with the sustainability crisis. Hence, instead of your regular 10-step Korean routine, simply opt for three to four products that your skin really needs; think along the lines of incorporating multipurpose products (such as moisturizing toners that will both tone and moisturize) or skin fasting (Re: intermittent fasting for skin detox). Doing good by doing less, welcome to the future!

Latest Beauty Trends – Multipurpose Products
Makeup Trends - Gloss

5. Next Level Gloss

Whether it’s a light sheen, uber sparkly lips or a wet glassy pout—this season is all about raising up the shine quotient and how. We recommend swapping your trusty matte lippies in favor of glossy, non-sticky formulas for a high-fashion look. You can wear it solo during the day or layer it on your favorite lip color during the night. Better yet, pick up a holographic-hued gloss to take your look from one to 10 in a heartbeat.

6. True Blue Beauty Movement

‘Blue’ is the new ‘Green’ in beauty. Simply put: Blue Beauty refers to products that supports ocean conservation, using reef-safe ingredients and zero-waste packaging, or packaging that is virtually plastic free. For instance: Ingredients such as Oxybenzone and Octinoxate (commonly found in sunscreen) been linked to disruption of aquatic life and increased coral bleaching. So, work around this by choosing physical or mineral sunscreens that typically feature Zinc or Titanium Oxide which instead of dissolving in the ocean, sink and become a part of the ocean sediment.  The next time you want to swim with the dolphins you know what to do!

Beauty Trends – True Blue Beauty Movement
Beauty Trends 2020 – Glitter Trend

7. Embellishments Galore

Glitter, glitter on the wall; who’s the shiniest of ’em all? Nothing spells glam better than amping up your beauty game with swaths of shimmering lilacs, blues and purples—interspersed with ultra-glitter studded lids or galaxy-inspired nails. For a subtle look, try a sparkly liner on your lids to accentuate ‘em peepers and a constellation of Swarovski crystals on your nails. Feeling bold? Tap on some uber-glittery eyeshadow on your lids and finish off by tapping stick-on rhinestones on the inner corner of your eyes to pack a serious punch.

8. Anti-Pollution Beauty

If sunscreen is non-negotiable, so is an anti-pollution beauty regimen. Since pollution can wreak havoc on the skin right down to its DNA (hello premature aging, wrinkles and spot formation, pigmentation etc), there’s nothing more important than picking up products to shield your skin. Look for good quality cleansers, antioxidant serums and creams packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Oh, and there are makeup products that have anti-pollution benefits too!

Latest Beauty Trends – Anti-Pollution Beauty
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