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Eight things you should not do before your wedding

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The all-important checklist of highly avoidable bridal beauty faux pas.

Getting married can be a hectic whirlwind with mile long checklists of things to do. It’s all too easy to get swamped and make beauty decisions that can badly backfire, from a new hair color to an untested facial. Read on for the Eight Commandments that no bride should break as her wedding nuptials loom near.

Thou shall not change your hair color

Even if you implicitly trust your hair stylist, don’t alter your hair color in the fortnight leading up to your wedding. As Nykaa hair expert Teresa Chen says, “You can never tell how a new color oxidizes or goes with your skin tone. It’s safest to stick with the tried and tested.” Another Nykaa expert Dr. Anju Methil suggests focusing on improving the texture and quality of hair at this hectic time. “Frizzy, dry or scanty hair can be infused with vitamins and serums to give your strands rich luster and shine.” Nykaa suggests tress TLC serums like Toni&Guy Nourish: Reconstruction Mask to gently refresh your hue without compromising your look. At the most, get highlights in lovely warm tones of caramel, chocolate and ash brown suggests celeb bridal makeup and Nykaa expert Ojas Rajani.

Thou shall stick to a tried and tested look

Sure, a little experimentation is good but going for never-tried-before makeup palettes and styles is never a good idea. “Modern bridal makeup is a little like a red carpet move,” says Rajani, “it needs to stay on and look good on videos, photos, in bright lights, during daytime and on camera.” Since wedding celebrations can extend over several days, try out different looks but keep the look as minimalistic as possible with barely there foundation and beautifully played up eyes and lips, he suggests. “I always advise clients to avoid lighter colors like pink and green because they can look tarty with Indian skin colors. Instead opt for makeup in shades of coral, peach and burnt red, with darker shades only used on the eyes,” says Rajani. Check out the host of cosmetic options on Nykaa, from Lakme and L’Oreal Paris to Colorbar and Maybelline New York.

Thou shall not get a drastic hair cut

Talk to bridal makeup expert to know that your hair and face takes center stage through all wedding functions, from the sangeet and mehendi right up to the wedding and reception. Changing your hairstyle midway through the prep can put a spanner in the your over all look. If you’re just dying for a change, Rajani suggests endless possibilities. “Long hair can be twisted into a messy bun or let down in cascading waves. If your hair is too short and there isn’t time to wait for it to grow out, find a salon that specializes in hair extensions to give you hair length.” Bored with your look? “Check out diamante extensions and other fun accessories. Fringes are also a fun way to add oomph to your style.”

Thou shall follow a sensible exercise regime

“This is not the time to try out desperate new moves that could lead to sore muscles,” says Nykaa fitness expert Neha Brackstone. “The key is to consult a fitness instructor at least six months before the big day to create a great workout and diet plan.” She recommends a combination workout that’s a mix of cardio and weights at least four times a week. “Load some great music on your iPod and get moving on the treadmill for at least 30 to 40 minutes, alternating between brisk walking, light jogging, running and walking on an incline. Running works your entire body and makes you fit for those late nights on the dance floor!” Brackstone suggests focusing on exercises that tone the arms and abs as these are most visible in wedding photos. “For men, I’d target the abs area too.”

Thou shall embark on a skin regime six months in advance

Dr. Methil urges brides-to-be to start skin brightening and hydrating treatments at least six months before the big day. “If you’re not keen on chemical peels to fix an uneven skin tone, start by applying simple masks containing fruit acids to exfoliate and brighten skin.
Electroporation also improves and evens out skin tone by infusing vitamins and essential nutrients into the skin. These treatments give best results when done at intervals hence the need to start six months in advance,” she explains. Girls with oily skins should start an anti-acne treatment, such as medication and salicylic acid based peels three months before the wedding including fractional laser sessions to smoothen out acne scars. Cheek and lip enhancement options like fillers should also be explored around then to get that that perfect combination of high cheek bones and a sensuous pout.

Thou will not use new-to-you skincare products

Weddings make people extra chatty and it’s easy to fall prey to the never ending stream of advice. Beware! “Don’t change your skincare regimen if you have fewer than two weeks to go before your wedding,” says Dr. Methil. Swapping to a new product could cause an allergic reaction, dryness, oiliness and breakouts, all of which can take months to correct. The best option: consult your dermatologist well in advance of the wedding to plan on a skin care regime that addresses your specific concerns.

Thou shall not party too hard

Too many late nights, daiquiris and fried snacks do not a pretty bride make. At least a month before your nuptials steer clear of rich party food and alcohol. Nykaa wellness expert Naini Setalvad says, “Alcohol is loaded with calories, causes splotchy skin and makes you puffy.” Instead, opt for cleansing, cooling drinks like nimbu paani and coconut water. You wedding photos will be reward enough. It’s also a good time to cut back on caffeinated drinks that are both a stimulant and irritant. “Caffeine is very dehydrating and can worsen dark circles. Besides, liquid caffeine calories (think frappes and cappuccinos) are loaded with calories,” says Setalvad. Instead sip on herbal decoctions like Gaia Green Tea Lemon

Thou shall eat and drink mindfully

Apart from getting adequate shut eye and thinking un-stressful thoughts make sure you eat a nutritious diet, says Setalvad. “Food is fuel,” she says and you need healthy calories to keep you alert. This is not the time to indulge in fad diets and juice cleanses that can leave you cranky and low on energy. “Eat well balanced meals with a good mix of veggies, fruits, whole grain cereals and nuts and seeds besides lots of water,” she advises. It’s also a good time to start a multivitamin supplement such as Revital H Daily Health Supplement
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