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Eight Weight Loss Myths You Need To Stop Believing

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Anyone who’s ever contended with weight loss knows the struggle is real. You’ve gone on a workout spree, turned your back on your favorite snacks and tried everything possible in an endeavour to quickly shed those extra kilos. Well, we hate to be the ones to break it to you, but losing that weight means smart choices, constant effort and tons of patience. So, if you’re just starting out on your battle with the bulge, it’s important to know the truths from the spiderweb of myths that are just waiting to ensnare you.

We’re busting some of the biggest weight loss myths straight up with weight loss facts:

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WEIGHT LOSS MYTH #1: You Must Give Up All Your Fave Foods

The Truth: Give up all carbs, they said. Don’t eat anything fried, they said. Fats are bad, they said. What’s the point of even living, you asked. Well, turns out your favorite high-calorie foods can still be part of your weight-loss diet. In small amounts. Moderation is key and as long as you keep a track of the calories you’re consuming, your journey to your perfect size is smooth sailing. You can treat yourself once in a blue moon. You deserve it. In fact, it is one of the effective ways to lose weight!

WEIGHT LOSS MYTH #2: Shortcut Diets Really Work

The Truth: From juice cleanses to full-fledged fat-only diets, regular weight watchers have seen them all. While these fad diets work wonders for quick weight loss, going too low with the calories, completely cutting out important food groups and depriving yourself of certain foods can be counterproductive. Your body goes into conservation mode converting all foods to fat because it doesn’t know when it’s going to get its next balanced meal. And then you’ll splurge when your willpower weakens even a slight bit. So, remember, fad equals bad. 
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WEIGHT LOSS MYTH #3: You can’t binge on bedtime snacks

The Truth: If we were to go by the old wives’ tale, then eating earlier in the morning jumpstarts your metabolism while eating late at night only adds to your waistline. The problem, dear friends, isn’t with the time of day (or night) but with the foods you’re choosing to eat. Stay away from those easily available pizzas, wafers and Coke, fill your stomach with healthy snack options instead, and go be the night owl with midnight hunger pangs you were meant to be.

WEIGHT LOSS MYTH #4: Alcohol is a big no-no

The Truth: If you’re trying to reduce that belly fat, then it’s pretty obvious you can’t go on a drinking binge next ladies’ night. But you don’t have to go off alcohol completely. Yes, you read that right. Provided you rein it in, stay off the sugary cocktails and high calorie beer, and keep it to a maximum of three drinks a week, your drinking plans with your friends don’t need to come to a complete halt. Not total buzzkills (pun totally intended), are we?
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WEIGHT LOSS MYTH #5: Only intense workouts can help you lose weight

The Truth: There’s nothing better than leaving the gym sweaty, red-faced and panting. You’re sure you’ve burned some crazy calories and the post-workout muscular soreness is totally worth it. But hey, low-intensity workouts are just as important as your HIIT classes that are all the rave because they lower your body’s levels of cortisol, the stress hormone that makes you hungry and fat. So, don’t forget to mix it up with some age-old yoga or brisk walking in the cool, evening breeze.

WEIGHT LOSS MYTH #6: You can target specific problem areas

The Truth: Are you only really concerned about the weight on your hips? Thunder thighs bringing you down? Far from loving those love handles? Well, guess what, it isn’t possible to lose that adipose only exactly where you want to. While you can lose weight overall by incorporating changes in your diet and workout, where it comes off from is anybody’s guess. However, exercises can tone your muscles making those body parts look slimmer.
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WEIGHT LOSS MYTH #7: You can sweat out the weight loss

The Truth: In an effort to ditch that bulk quickly, people often turn to steam rooms or saunas hoping that they can just “sweat it out”. *Sigh* If only it was that simple. The weight that you’re losing in this way, though significant on the scale, is simply water weight and all it takes to put it back on is a slightly salty meal or a tall glass of wine. It’s easy off and easy on, guys. ‘Coz really, nothing good in life ever comes so easy.

WEIGHT LOSS MYTH #8: You’re going to gain it all back

The Truth: Unless you’ve starved yourself to lose weight, this couldn’t be a bigger myth. Sure, the first couple of kilos could be attributed to water weight and might come back, but if you’ve done your dues, eaten right and exercised enough, you’re in the clear. While it is easier for some people to shave off their kilos quickly, consistency post weight loss is what helps keep that heaviness off. Trust us, you really can celebrate those successful weeks.
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