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Elevate Your Shower Routine With Bud & Berries

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An act of self-care need not be an extensive, pre-planned exercise relegated to only a quiet Sunday afternoon. If you struggle with carving out a little ‘me’ time throughout the week, try swinging into action with simple everyday activities that serve as food for the soul. Reading a few pages of a good book before bed, maintaining a gratitude journal or even taking a warm shower at the end of the day are a few steps you may undertake to venture into this usually dormant territory. For me, nothing beats a shower that washes away the stress of the day and helps declutter my brain (so therapeutic). Finding a flow in the scrubbing regimen — lathering up a shower gel, gently massaging the scalp, or slathering a rich body cream onto my skin further helps harmonise the mind, body and soul. And, to help amp this showering up a notch, I have been banking on the new bath and body range by Bud & Berries — a first from the FMCG major- CavinKare. These products have been curated with intention — a cocktail of good-for-you garden ingredients from nature’s lap. Scroll further for my honest takeaway and why you should consider integrating these superior clean formulations into your regimen.

The Heart Of The Brand

I have been pondering over switching to products that forgo the usage of sulphate, parabens - this range of Bud & Berries compelled me to take a step towards clean, natural beauty. Using nature's bounty, they have adeptly created superior formulas that help uncomplicate the concept of self-care and love, which is a commendable endeavour and stands tall in the avalanche of offerings available in the market. The brand also takes immense pride in its honest, committed and transparent relationship with its users and brews all formulations, in-house to ensure that you are reaping the benefits of authentic, differentiated offerings.

First Impressions

If you, like me, geek out on the aesthetics of a product— this range is a dream come true. All the formulas sit in colourful, translucent bottles that look aesthetically pleasing atop a bathroom counter — the pop of colour, a sight for sore eyes in the morning. The packaging also features vibrant artwork, with fresh fruits and flowers flanking the label with a striking blue bird perched on the trademark, which is bound to catch your eye!

The Range


natural shampoo

Buds & Berries Rice Water & Chia Seed Shampoo

The Bud & Berries’ line of shampoo formulations is very diversified and inclusive — aimed to combat a myriad of hair concerns one may grapple with. Featuring a blend of hero ingredients, these offerings aim at restoring the health of the hair and parting it with a lustrous shine.

Every year, while transitioning from peak summer to winter, I face episodes of extreme hair fall and breakage. In a bid to treat the concern from the root up, I turned to the Rice Water And Chia Seeds variant and I am happy to concur that it did alleviate the situation. Rich in vitamin E, B, amino acids and zinc, the concoction helps in bolstering the strength of the tresses, improving blood circulation of the scalp that facilitates hair growth and also treats parched ends adroitly.

If your hair is prone to breakage, you may preemptively incorporate this shampoo into your pre-existing hair care regimen. Alternatively, if you are facing menacing issues like dandruff or an inflamed, irritated scalp, I recommend opting for the Ginger and Vetiver shampoo! Imbued with antimicrobial actives and viral minerals, this wonder concoction promotes a healthy scalp while boosting the follicles. If you have damaged hair demanding attention — try the Pistachio And Argan oil variant. Pistachio is a superfood rich in biotin and fatty acid that aims at repairment and rejuvenation!

Hair Masks

best hair pack

Buds & Berries Apple Cider Vinegar & Gojiberry Conditioning Hair Mask

I deal with stubborn frizz all year round, and to help circumvent this recurring problem, I often employ hair masks in hopes of making it more manageable. But most formulations in the past have only weighed my hair down with no relief in sight for the royal mess due to excessive curling. So, when I started using the Apple Cider Vinegar & Gojiberry Conditioning Hair Mask, I was in for a surprise. The texture of this mask is rich and creamy, and a coin-sized amount was enough to cover the entirety of my volume. It gave my hair the much-needed dose of hydration and also kept the irksome flyways (that tend to crop up on a day out) at bay! As we know, that alkaline hair is more likely to exhibit the signs of frizz and tangling — the union of Vitamin B, E and acetic acid helps lower the pH of tresses, staying a step ahead of the game. Alternatively, turn to Rice Water and Chia seeds variety for damage repair and the Pistachio & Argan Oil Color Protect Damage Repair Conditioning Hair Mask to shield against chemical damage caused due to colouring and over-styling.

Shower Gel And Body Wash

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Buds & Berries Moisturising Macadamia & Vanilla Body Wash

The array of shower gel and body washes offered by Bud & Berries will help you reimagine your scrub-a-dub ritual! Just a coin-sized amount of the product on your loofah, and gently massage it onto your body. I have been using the Moisturising Macadamia & Vanilla Body Wash for a few weeks now and it has emerged as one of my winter favourites, that I will be replenishing. The scent of vanilla (which makes me very nostalgic) envelopes you in all its glory and yet is never overwhelming. This beautiful harmony of macadamia and vanilla also aids skin nourishment, and hydration (thanks to the omega 3 and 6 in the blend). It also reverses skin damage due to the presence of oleic and linoleic acid. For a citrusy burst of freshness, I recommend opting for the Detox & Refresh Tangerine Orange Body Wash! It lathers exceedingly well, instantly brightens the skin, leaves you feeling fresh and upbeat. If you have a long day ahead of you, this offering is bound to give you a boost of refreshing energy that will stay with you around the clock.

Body Lotion

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Buds & Berries Fruit Nourish Kiwi Body Lotion

It's almost sweater weather! The drip in mercury and lack of humidity in the air expels all the moisture from my skin making it exceedingly patchy and parched. If you are in the same boat and are looking to stock up on satiating skincare, look no further. Imbued with the goodness of au naturel ingredients like Kiwi-the nourish body lotion ensures moisturisation, administers glowing skin and makes the skin taut. The cherry on top has to be the fruity fragrance that lingers all day long and energises your Chi. So, moisturise like clockwork this winter and steer clear of scaly, flaky skin. Alternatively, you may also avail tangerine and orange, vanilla and macadamia or shea butter and argan oil — choices that will leave you feeling spoilt for choice.

Hair Serum

best hair serum

Buds & Berries Flaxseed and Macadamia Hair Serum

Growing up, I remember my mother raving about the multitude of benefits tied with flaxseed. She would soak it overnight to use the gel on her hair shafts as it guaranteed luxuriant glossy tresses. So, when I stumbled upon the Flaxseed and Macadamia Hair Serum by Bud & Berries, I knew I had to give it a shot. The formula isn't greasy and a pea sized amount is sufficient for one wear. Enriched with Vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acid,  it granted my hair a radiant shine while also smoothening the ends.

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