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Elton’s makeup musts for jet-setting beauties!

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A huge shout-out to all you beauty aficionados who love to wander but are definitely not lost. Call shotgun on these makeup essentials the next time you plan to live out of a suitcase.

P.S: Elton Fernandez swears by these and it’s time for you to follow his ‘beauty-never-takes-a-backseat’ ways!

best mascara
A marvellous mascara
Elton’s love affair with mascaras is no secret. He swears by a mascara’s  superpower to make your eyes look defined, engaging and aware. “A mascara is non-negotiable”- is his firm opinion.  Elton says, all you need is a luscious stroke of mascara to make your eyes pop and garner all kinds of right attention. Be it on a sun-kissed island or a breezy mountain top!
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An earnest eyelash curler
An eyelash curler and mascara are a match made in eye makeup heaven, according to Elton. He says, “The minute you curl your lashes to eternity, it adds that much-needed drama to your entire look. Curling your lashes before applying oodles of mascara is an absolute must. It definitely makes you look more alive and generates an immediate interest”
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A multitasking lip and cheek stain
A lip and cheek stain works like magic, especially during long and tiring journeys. Elton shares a valuable beauty tip here that he often practices with his favourite muse, Aditi Rao Hyadri. He advises, “Use the lip and cheek stain around your eyes and a little bit on the eyelid as well to exude that coveted raw fragility. If you are chilling like a villain in a colder climate, apply a bit on the tip of your nose to make yourself look endearingly cute!”
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A hardworking concealer
A vanity kit is just not enough without a flawless concealer. A concealer is literally every makeup junkie’s favourite travel buddy. Elton likes to think of it as a “little magic wand that enhances your features in all the right ways!” He tells us to carry a “nice, full coverage-providing concealer that you can easily blend out with your go-to moisturizer or daily cream, to achieve a flamboyant, dewy finish.”
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An exquisite bronzer
Many makeup artists believe that a bronzer is over-rated, but that is not Elton for you! Elton is a firm believer in bronzers, as they add shadows to the perimeter of your face and provide that desired slimmed-down effect. He is a big fan of grey-toned matte bronzers, unlike the usual orange-toned ones because, “these run-of-the-mill orange-hued ones, tend to make you look like you are on fire!” Donald Trump are you listening? 
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