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Estée Lauder And Couturier Sabyasachi Join Forces To Give You A Collector’s Edition Of Luxury Lipsticks

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World-renowned – and unarguably the nation’s most influential fashion designer – Sabyasachi forays into the beauty landscape with a limited edition line-up of luxury lipsticks celebrating India’s rich cultural heritage.
Estée Lauder And Couturier Sabyasachi Join Forces To Give You A Collector’s Edition Of Luxury Lipsticks

“For me, the real power of a beauty brand lies in creating a product that attracts a lifelong consumer… If even one woman tells me, ‘This is the lipstick I want to wear for the rest of my life,’ I will think it's a job well done,” Mukherjee reveals, in conversation with Vogue India.

The couturier and Estée Lauder recently announced a one-of-its-kind collaborative collection featuring 10 limited-edition lipsticks that offer a luxurious, multi-sensorial experience. A collector’s item, indeed, each lipstick is distinctly curated by Sabyasachi, inspired by handwoven textiles and gemstones often spotted at his atelier. In an oversaturated beauty category, this partnership presents a range of creamy-matte, opulent hues exuding warm, spicy cinnamon notes – reminiscent of comforting, aromatic Indian cuisine. Meanwhile, each gilded case is adorned with 24 Karat gold-plated accents and emblazoned with Sabyasachi’s signature Bengal tiger medallion.

As long-standing legacy meets luxury beauty – a crossover we didn’t know we needed until now – we take this opportunity to explore the lipsticks in depth. Available in medium-to-full-coverage Satin Matte and Ultra Matte, the lush colours celebrate the shade story of India on a global platform. While Satin Matte delivers instant moisture and long-lasting colour payoff for up to 10 hours, Ultra Matte nourishes and conditions the lips with moringa butter and a blend of pomegranate and mango seed oils for up to six hours.

Meet the non-feathering lipsticks promising a show-stopper look in just one stroke: Muslin Tea [a Satin Matte caramel nude], Apricot Silk [a Satin Matte rosy, mauve nude], Pomelo Rose [a Satin Matte deep rosy nude], Udaipur Coral [a Satin Matte burnt coral], Rouge Bengal [a Satin Matte warm red], Devi Pink [a Satin Matte fuchsia], Calcutta Red [an Ultra Matte blue-red], Bombay Berry [an Ultra Matte deep berry], Coffee Masala [an Ultra Matte warm brown], and Tropical Tangerine [an Ultra Matte terracotta].

Read on to learn more about the inspiration behind each shade from the master couturier himself.

Muslin Tea: A Light Caramel Nude That Is Subtle, Romantic & Timeless

“For my fabrics, I create a very beautiful shade of nude by dying muslin in warm tea liquor. The shade is romantic and nostalgic – quite unlike anything that modern dyes can achieve.”

Apricot Silk: A Light, Rosy Mauve That Is Elegant, Warm & Decadent

“We hand-dye our fine silk brocades in shades of sun-dried apricots; it gives the silk a decadent warmth that is lush and sophisticated.”

Pomelo Rose: A Dusty Nude Rose That Is Languid, Sultry & Tropical

“One of our lead bridal colours is the rose-pink flesh of the pomelo fruit. It is languid, nostalgic, and sensuous, embodying the joy of a summer in India.”

Udaipur Coral: A Pinky Coral That Is Fresh, Joyous & Fantastical

“Every time I shoot a campaign in Udaipur, the colours of my clothes and jewellery seem to come alive with a vividness that is unmatchable. There is something so magical about the quality of light there that we create a lot of our dyes imagining how they would look under the Udaipur sky.”

Rouge Bengal: A Vibrant, Warm Red That Is Iconic, Powerful & Classic

“Red is not seasonal, it’s iconic.”

Devi Pink: A Vibrant, Mid-Tone Fuchsia That Is Fierce, Vivid & Feminine

“The perfect pink is very hard to achieve. It cannot be too warm or too cold – it needs to be just right. Like those beautiful fuchsia saris worn by Indian women and immortalised by the portraiture of our great artists.”

Calcutta Red: An Iconic, Blue-Red That Is Chic, Sophisticated & Intense

“The glamour of Calcutta. I can’t put a finger on it…it’s almost sensual and slightly dark. It comes from the very private chambers of the mind.”

Bombay Berry: A Deep Berry That Is Starry, Jewelled & Glamorous

“When I think of glamour, I think of the classic black and white Bollywood movies. Clubs and cabarets, bejewelled sirens in gleaming gemstones, and a strong sense of fierce individualism. The women did not wear a red lip, they chose berry.”

Coffee Masala: A Rich Brown That Is Earthy, Warm & Toasty

“The coffee of Southern India is robust and strong, an intense deep brown. It’s a complex colour that plays a pivotal role in our design palette. Everything from brocades, cashmere, silks and pashminas look majestic yet understated in that shade of brown.”

Tropical Tangerine: A Vibrant Burnt Orange That Is Bright, Fresh & Delightful

“I associate the colour of tangerine with the youthful joys of bygone summers. Bright and delightful yet with a sense of nostalgia for the good old times.”

Each trendless shade – a timeless investment, retailing for INR 5,400 on Nykaa.com, 33 Nykaa Luxe stores, and at select Estée Lauder online and offline channels – marks a historical moment in the confluence of two legacies. This purchase screams LUXURY; a prized possession, a befitting collector’s item. I’ll be stocking on shades Calcutta Red and Pomelo Rose as soon as they hit the shelves – they’re best suited for my complexion, and are my personal favourites! Grab your limited-edition lipstick before you miss out.

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