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Everything you need to know about Laneige’s new skincare squad

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We’re just going to come out and say it; “We’ve never met a Laneige product we didn’t like.” These new launches are no exception! With a firm fixture on one-of-a-kind ingredients and unique skincare technologies, this slew of products will fast track you to the luminous complexion you’ve been dying for. Go on, get glowing!

1. Cream Skin Refiner

Meet the new two-in-one formula that combines the prepping powers of a toner with the hydration and benefits of a moisturiser in one simple step—it goes on like liquid, but settles in like a moisturizer. It’s packed with amino acids that plump, strengthen the skin barrier, and vitamin-infused white tea leaves that hydrate & soothe, it’s everything you need to achieve that coveted IG glow. Lazy girls, are you listening?

2. Water Bank Hydro Essence

Dry, thirsty skin has got nothing on this guy! Packed with Laneige’s signature hydro ionized mineral water, it nourishes skin and acts as the perfect prep for your moisturiser. The star of this essence is the “Green Mineral Water” which is brimming with extracts from vitamin-rich veggies like beet, lima bean, artichoke & kale that deliver all-day hydration. As for the texture, this one’s lightweight & fast-absorbing, so your skin will slurp it up. So, go on, upgrade your routine already!

3. Watery Sun Cream

Want your SPF with a side of hydration? We’ve got you! This watery-textured multitasker hydrates, moisturises and delivers some serious sun protection, all in one go. Plus, it glides on easily and is extremely lightweight so it literally feels like nothing on your face, making it perfect for tropical places. Need we say more?

4. Cica Sleeping mask

We’re bringing a whole new meaning to beauty sleep with this new Cica Sleeping mask. Targeted towards sensitive, stressed and easily irritable skin, this overnight replenishing mask soothes redness, calms irritation and restores your skin while you sleep. Chalk it up to the formula’s powerful Cica ingredient, Forest Yeast, that strengthens the skin’s barrier and regenerates skin during the golden sleeping hours. You snooze, you win!

5. Water Sleeping Mask

A face mask you can slather on, sleep in, and rely on for hydrating your skin? Now that’s what we are talking about! This cult-favorite mask attacks dry, rough and lacklustre skin head-on with its cooling, gel-based formula. Along with its unique, purifying Sleeptox technology, it pumps skin with a potent cocktail of ingredients like edelweiss plant cells and organic babassu oil. The result? Plump and radiant skin by the time your alarm goes off. PS: the Orange Flower, Rose and Ylang Ylang aroma will have you sleeping like a baby.

6. Lip Sleeping Mask

Boasting an exclusive Moisture Wrap technology, this balmy-textured formula works tirelessly overnight to soothe and hydrate your pout while you Zzz. Fruit extracts and antioxidants exfoliate and coat your lips in a veil of moisture for a plump, pillow-y soft pout. And, no matter what you’re craving, we’ve got a flavor for you; Berry, Apple Lime and Grapefruit.

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