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Everything You Need To Know About Leave-In Conditioners Is Right Here

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We’re all familiar with the shampoo, condition and rinse regime. But, what if we told you that this 2-step routine is not sufficient to give you those IG-worthy tresses. Enter: Leave-in conditioners. No, it’s not something you use just after your shampoo and rinse it off. Before we delve into the nitty gritties of it, and understand how to use a leave-in conditioner, let’s answer the basics — what is a ‘leave-in conditioner’? Consider it to be an ultra nourishing, hydrating and smoothing formula that doesn't need to be rinsed off after application. It is a hair care product that is used post your regular hair wash routine to boost hydration and give your tresses extra nourishment. While leave-in conditioners are an optional step, we highly recommend using one because it offers the highest level of moisturisation and de-tangling benefits. Oh, and did we mention it can double up as a heat-protectant too! Amazing, right? While leave-in conditioners supposedly reap best results for thick, curly hair, other hair types can use them too to get a luscious mane. Different hair types require a different type of care. And, while we were looking for the best leave-in conditioners for different hair types, we spoke to the Nykaa Army team and asked them to share their go-to’s and why they can’t do without them.

Rebecca Abraham

Curly Hair - Rebecca Abraham

“Maintaining my curls can be such a task, but thanks to my Arata Advanced Curl Care Leave-In Conditioner my hair feels a lot more hydrated, manageable and my curls feel more defined. All I need to do is apply a generous amount of conditioner to my curls after shampooing my hair, focusing on the middle lengths and ends of my curls, making sure to spread it evenly, and I’m good to go. And no, it doesn’t weigh down my hair. Totally recommend this for all the curly hair girls out there!”

Anvita Mittal

Straight Hair - Anvita Mittal

“I was always skeptical about using a leave-in conditioner or even a serum for that matter, because I thought it would weigh my hair down. But this Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoothing Leave In Conditioner has totally changed my mind about leave-in conditioners. It takes care of the frizz and flyaways, making my hair look and feel silky smooth! Just a pea-sized amount of this conditioner on damp hair works wonders. Absolutely loved the results!”

Srishty Singh

Wavy Hair - Srishty Singh

“Wavy hair and frizziness go hand-in-hand, and taming it seems like a herculean task. The Toni&Guy Leave In Conditioner has made my hair so much more manageable, it’s made my hair easier to style minus all the unruliness. This leave-in conditioner is a total life-saver especially during this hot and humid season.”

Leave-in conditioners may work well for all hair types, but choosing the right one for your hair type is essential to derive the best results. Now that you know what the Nykaa Army is loving, let’s move on to - when to use a leave-in conditioner and how exactly do you use it.

Benefits and how to use it

Make sure to apply a leave-in conditioner right after you step out of the shower on freshly washed, damp, towel dried hair. Spread it evenly across the length of your hair (not on your scalp) and work it into your strands with a comb or just use your fingers.

But is there an actual difference between the two, you ask? Apart from the obvious difference between these two types of conditioners, leave-in conditioners are used to give your hair an extra dose of hydration between washes. Regular conditioners on the other hand only hydrate and strengthen the hair post shampooing.

What about the benefits of using a leave-in conditioner, you ask? Here’s every reason why you need to add one to your hair care routine:

  • Acts as a protective layer against environmental aggressors and heat
  • Helps in detangling the most unruly of hair
  • Hydrates the strands boosting new life into them
  • Calms frizz making hair look smoother and more manageable
  • Gives an added shine to your tresses
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