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Everything you wanted to know about wearing lenses

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Contact Lens Guide
Eye defining contact lenses are the next big thing.  They’re all the rage in Asia to create high definition eyes. Take your pick of blue, green and even lilac. But whether you’re trying them on for the first time or they’ve become part of your daily beauty routine, you should be very careful about how you use them. Improper handling can lead to eye infections, so proper handling is of utmost importance.

Here are the top 5 tips on how to use contact lenses:

how to use contact lenses- cleaning & disinfecting

1. Cleaning and disinfecting lenses

Your hands should be squeaky clean.
Wash your hand with an anti-bacterial soap. Make sure you get rid of all the soap. Try to avoid using moisturizing soaps.
Rinsing the lens comes next.
Rinse each side of your lens for five seconds with a lens solution. This ensures that your lenses are free of debris and deposits.
Disinfect your lens case regularly
Fill in your lens case with a lens solution and soak your lens for at least four hours before reusing
Storing your lenses correctly
Is important to ensure your lenses remain in pristine condition. Use a clean lens case and fill it with the lens solution. Never reuse the solution. Add fresh solution after every use. Never wash your lens with water sterile or tap.

2. Know the right side of your lens

It is important to wear the lens the right way.  Always check before you wear the lens, it should look like a bowl. The edge should not be facing outward.
how to use contact lenses- know the right side
how to use contact lenses- how to wear the lens correctly

3. How to wear the lens

Start with clean hands.
Then remove the lens from the case holding the right way up on your index finger.
Pull your eye lids apart and gently insert the lens.
Try not to be shaky or jerky. Once the lens is in, adjust your eye to fit the lens on your eye ball.

4. Removing the lens

Pull you eye lids apart. Use your dominant hand and feel the lens. Using your index finger and thumb to slightly pinch the lens and gently pull it out. Once the lens is out put it back in its container.
how to use contact lenses- how to remove the lens
how to use contact lenses- makeup to complement the lens

5. Makeup to complement your colored lenses

Soft metallic eyeshadows enhance the natural texture of your lids and add sparkle to your gaze (as opposed to mattes, which can make eyes look dull and tired). Flattering shades for any eye colour are taupes, warm golds, mushroom and oyster. Anything glossy or shimmery close to the eyes adds sparkle.
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