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Experience ‘Morning Skin’ All Day, With Olay’s New Collagen Peptide 24

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Every morning, right after I wake up and put my hair up in a bun, I look at myself in the mirror and can’t help but smile! I’m chirpy, energetic, ready to take on the day, and so is my beautiful ‘morning skin’. It’s true. A consumer research study shows that 90% agreed to their skin looking its best in the morning. But within a couple of hours, the glow, energy and radiance begin to fizzle out.

Everything from our daily chores, the sun’s uncontrollable wrath, UV rays off our screens, pollution, our daily tasks, junk food, inadequate hydration, and everything in between leads to exhaustion. Our skin bears the brunt and looks fragile, dull, crinkled and aged by night. Introducing Olay’s brand new technology that delivers fresh, glowing skin, stimulates collagen production and allows your skin to restore and replace dead skin cells all day long. Below, everything you need to know.

What is it?

Olay Face Serum: Regenerist Collagen Peptide 24

What are the variants?

What’s in it?

The all-new Collagen Peptide 24 range contains three hero ingredients that combat dullness, dryness and ageing.

  • Collagen peptides: These are molecules that seep into our skin and make it look firmer and bouncier with regular skin cell renewal.
  • Niacinamide: An ingredient that’s taking over the skincare industry, niacinamide helps in deep hydration as well as surface cell regeneration.
  • Glycerin: This binding agent allows our skin to attract and retain moisture, locking hydration for healthier skin.

What does the product really offer?

Younger, plumper, and more hydrated skin within 3 to 4 days. With regular use, the product protects your skin from pollution and sun damage, keeping it fresh and plump throughout the day. This wonder formula promises ‘morning skin’ that lasts all day.

My Verdict:

I’ve been using this product for a week and I’m quite frankly impressed. My skin is more resilient and healthier. Both the serum and moisturiser are very lightweight, non-greasy and great to my oily skin.  I’ve added the serum to my morning routine, right before my sunscreen and I moisturise my skin at night before bedtime. The claims are true! I have ‘morning skin’ during lunch, after work, and even at night.

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