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Nykaa Wellness Week: Our Expert, Nidhi Mohan Breaks Down Everything You Need To Know About Holistic Health

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Nykaa’s Wellness Week is all about setting goals, helping you achieve them, and educating you about the pros and cons of your wellness journey. There are various aspects of wellness — we’re talking physical, mental, hormonal and emotional. We often speak about and address each of them separately, but don’t focus on these aspects as a singular unit. Enter holistic health: The term roughly translates to your overall well-being. To get a better idea about what this is and why you should focus on it, we have our expert, Nidhi Mohan, to give us an insight on everything you need to know about holistic health.

About Our Expert

Nidhi Mohan is an established name in the Indian health & fitness industry and also an educational content creator. A food scientist with a Food & Chemical Engineering degree, she is a certified strength trainer with a specialisation in rehab and resistance training. She has established herself as a reputed name in not just the wellness field, but in the fields of sustainable lifestyle, veganism, animal welfare, minimalism, and social media education as well. She has received multiple awards for her work, such as the Fitness Excellence Award 2018 for fitness blogging, YouTube Next Up 2019 for Women To Watch, and Most Influential Content Marketing Professional 2022 to name a few.

What does holistic health mean? And, why is it important?

Holistic health is a combination of how you eat, how you decide to move your body, how you feel and how you interact with others. It includes aspects of physical, mental and emotional health.

A routine adds structure to your day, and no matter how your day is, a set routine will act as a habit you can fall back on, and it will add a sense of calm to your day.

3 Healthy Habits One Must Incorporate Into Their Routine

  • Add any form of movement to your routine! Think working out at the gym, practising yoga or even walking
  • Plan your meals and prep them yourself
  • Make your mental health a priority. Take some time to meditate or journal your thoughts and focus solely on you!

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