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Nykaa Brings You The Wellness Trends For 2023

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Proclivity towards the facet of wellness can be attributed to many factors— growing intrigue or knowledge amongst consumers, stress-riddled life in the post-pandemic, war-stricken world, the impending doom of recession and so forth. This burgeoning (for the reasons cited above and more) multi-sector industry resting atop the four pivotal cornerstones of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual has tipped the balance in the favour of pertinent entrepreneurial ventures — as more of us take measures to prioritise wellness in our everyday life. The willingness to vest time, effort and uphold regular expenses that help us realise our (long and short-term) goals, from purchasing monthly supplements to the membership at your local gym or yoga studio — is a testament to how lucrative the industry has become.

And sure enough, stepping into a brand new year has led to the emergence of a myriad of wellness trends— from experts to creatives, the various stakeholders sharing their schools of thought. We have seen them swimming on our explore feeds everywhere on social media but haven’t taken the time to suss them out. This is why, to make our readers’ lives easier, Beauty Book is bringing forth a curation of wellness trends worth pursuing in 2023! As most resolutions are discarded by this time of the year, why not press reset and refresh our wellness resolutions and affirmations? Scroll further to read more!

1. One With Nature

Nature has always been conducive to healing —whether it be a simple activity like taking a stroll at one’s leisure or packing a little picnic basket to the lakeside, it wields the immense power to re-energise, rejuvenate and realign the chakras. The year 2023 will be big on ‘back to nature’, especially after many moons of being confined to the four walls of our homes during the pandemic. Being outdoors, enveloped by the air, trees, and rivers is always a humbling experience, reminding us of the unstoppable force that is nature.

2. Practising Mindfulness

Mastering mindfulness is the touchstone for all-rounded wellness. In 2023 activities like somatic exercises and meditation will continue to gain momentum. These undertakings will help us strive for that ultimate state of complete awareness— of all the elements in our surroundings and most importantly, within ourselves.

3. Sustainable Eating

The impending doom of the climate crisis has prompted many of us to tweak our lifestyle—the urgency compelling us to re-examine the consumption of processed foods. This end-to-end activity entails deforestation for farming, consumption of gallons of water (for preparations), and release of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which has a detrimental impact on land and water bodies. Sustainable eating is about consuming nutritious food that bodes well for the body as well as mother nature. The trend advocates for a more diversified palette, veering towards plant-based foods and condemns wastage of any kind.

4. Indulgent Rituals

Long, elaborate and indulgent rituals are becoming increasingly popular as consumers seek newer ways to unwind and regroup. Ayurveda-inspired facials, massages and deep oiling rituals will continue to stay in demand as are Ayurveda-backed ingredients that promise a luxurious experience along with safe, natural results.

5. Hydration

A healthy balance of electrolytes is integral to the maintenance and upkeep of everyday bodily functions. They have a pivotal role in eliciting a nervous response due to stimuli, hydration and maintaining the apt pH level in the body. While coconut water and watermelon juice are deemed abundant sources of these minerals, 2023 will also see a booming demand for water-infused electrolytes. This has led wellness-driven businesses to launch a line of supplements in recent years.

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