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Eye Candy On A Stick, The Lakmé Absolute Kohl Ultimate Gelato Collection

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First things first, we’ve already judged you if you don’t like gelato. I mean, where do you drown your sorrows after a hard day at work, if not in a tub of frozen custard?
Speaking of gelato and its many wonders, isn’t it unfair that this quick ticket to Italy is seasonal. Which is why, kudos to Lakmé for getting their best brains to work on such a delightful launch – a range of kohl pencils that’s as vivid as your sweetest gelato dreams. Presenting the Lakmé Absolute Kohl Ultimate Gelato Collection, because at least your peepers can enjoy this sweet treat all year round, if not your taste buds.
Before we take you on a trip into your soon-to-be favorite gelato store, let’s talk about why this version of the beloved frozen dessert is worth all those calories (read moolah).
  • Each pencil mimics the creamy texture of gelato ice-cream and is enriched with moisturising ceramides that help it glide effortlessly on your skin.
  • Go from extended work hours to extended happy hours without the hassles of reapplication, these babies are smudge-proof and waterproof.
  • Rich color payoff in just a single stroke, exactly how the first spoon of gelato warms your heart. Aahh!
  • Whether you’re wearing it as full-blown eyeliner, drawing just a poppy wing, color-blocking the inner corner of your eyes, or giving your traditional kajal a modern swing, ways to pull this one off are clearly limitless.
  • With a stunning collection of eight, vibrant AF hues, there’s one for every mood. Whether you got a sweet tooth or not, there’s no shying away from this indulgence.


If you’re a sucker for this minty flavour, imagine how refreshing spearminted eyelids will be. On a dull Monday morning, break the monotony of a formal pantsuit with an equally crisp aqua-blue liner and nude lips.


We know you’re sipping on a cup of Matcha as you read this, so high time you pay homage to your favorite beverage/gelato flavour. Go green with this candy stick, swish and smudge across your waterline for an eye-popping look.  

Candy Floss

Your fascination for candy pink just got bigger. Whether it’s a stick of candy floss or a stick of floss inspired kohl, nothing brightens a sickly day more than this poppy pink. Match it with an equally poppy pout for maximum head turns.


If the slice of lime with your tequila shot is the best part of a boozy night, you sure like things tangy, woman. Show the middle finger to hovering clouds with a quick swish of sunshine across your lids. Blink and brighten someone’s gloomy day.


You’re clearly a citrus baby, hence the love for this flavour. On that note, a hint of orange along that graphic wing never hurt anyone, did it? On a casual Sunday brunch with the squad, laze around in your favorite denim skirt and orange lids.


If you constantly find yourself repeat ordering tubs of blackcurrant gelato, this rock chic purple eye stick is your find. On days when you feel like channelling your inner Beyonce, go to the movies with dramatic purple smokey eyes.


Oh, our love for raspberries never end. Take your obsession over tangy raspberry a level higher with look-at-me, hot pink eyes. Wow your work group with softly lined magenta eyes and double up with oodles of mascara for the big date with the boy after.


We’ll be honest, a cone of the blue lagoon gelato reminds us of bikinis and beaches. Since hopping onto the next flight to Maldives doesn’t seem like a doable option, we’d recommend turquoise lids as an instant throwback to your last salty vacay.
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