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Eyeing Now: The Nykaa Eyes On Me – 10 in 1 Eyeshadow Palettes

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A lipstick can change your mood, but eyeshadow is where the fun actually begins. One palette can take you from girl-next-door to Wednesday Adams and everything in between. Pick the right eyeshadow palette and it will travel through your holidays, celebrate milestone moments with you and even survive #NoChill workdays. Let’s not forget the number of times it’s also moonlighted as a blush, brow filler, highlighter… and been the hero of the hour.

You can only imagine the excitement levels at the Nykaa headquarters as the launch of the Nykaa Eyes On Me – 10 in 1 Eyeshadow Palettes breaks out. The energy’s infectious. And even the indifferent have swooped in to bag at least one of the five palettes unveiled which contains 10 shades each that’re matte and shimmer in texture. Spare Rs 599 and get full pigment with zero fall out! Not just that, it’s waterproof, cruelty free, vegan and dermatologically tested.

Ahem, we’ve gone a step further and taken the liberty to tell you what to do with all the five palettes. Want in on the ways a Beauty Book editor eyes this eyeshadow palette du jour? Here’s how

What: Just as the sun gradually sets on you, this palette offers a gamut of 10 sizzling shades that takes you from light to midnight. Beginning with skin-toned hues, it moves on to pinkish peach tones and finally ends with the darker bronze tones.

Look: Begin your evening with a peach monotoned eyeshadow base and mascara. As the night progresses, gradually touch your eyelids with shimmery bronze highlights. You could even

Hack: The matte brown hue can conceal a wide hair part, contour under your cheekbones, as a natural-looking eye liner, or brow filler.

Palette: Daydreaming

What: Literally every color that can brighten your mood and get you dreamin’, is in this palette. We’re talking every shade of pink, plum and wine. It even boasts of a multitude of finishes: velvety mattes, glitzy shimmers, and bold satins.

Look: Aim for the 3D effect with at least three shades. Go matte for the base shade, but definitely play around with at least two different shimmery shades. But if it’s daytime, try the two-toned holographic effect.

Hack: Multipurpose the pinker shades as a highlighter and the brown shimmers to highlight your collarbones.

Palette: Tinsel Twilight

What: You require a certain devil-may-care attitude to work the darker eyeshadow tones. But, this palette brings together 10 deep yet subtle shades that doesn’t require you to brave it out. Think of every adventurous shade that turns on twilight: blues, purples, greys, greens… and it’s there.

Look: Everything runway has taught you this 2020 – glitter smokey eyes, ombre eyeshadow, the clashing-eye-plus-lip combos… you can do with this palette.

Hack: If you want the color to pop some more, blend in white eyeshadow before getting started and see the difference for yourself.

Palette: Smokey At 8

What: A sultry black smokey eye isn’t the only thing this palette preps you for. Go au natural with rosy tones, earthy with brown hues, glamorous with gold glitter or even sooty eyed with ash shades. You get five kinds of smokey eyes with just one palette.

Look: Since you have the leeway, knock yourself out with a two-toned smokey eye. Or on a lazy day, swirling one shade and adding on to it creates the same effect.

Hack: Classic smokey eyes don’t necessarily open your eyes. If anything, it recedes them. For that, dabbing a champagne-hued highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes, is all that’s needed.

Palette: Beachside Peach

What: The name of this palette perfectly captures our (makeup) vibe when we’re packing for our next summer vacay. We dote on our rosy pinks and peaches in shimmer and matte finishes along with a few base tones, as does this hero.

Look: If you want your shadow to stick around, you can’t do without primer. If you’re bored of the monotoned look, mix your all-peach eyeshadow with a brown tight line, a golden gradation, or work it as an avant-garde cut crease.

Hack: Take this along and you can leave your blush, highlighter and illuminator behind. ’Cause this does a lot more than make up for them.

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