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EYELINER FILES: The Best Styles From Yesteryear

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From the inception of the classic cat to the modish double flick, here’s the lowdown on iconic (eye)styles from each decade.
Classic Cat
Hollywood ‘It’ girls were the stars of the silver screen during the 1950s. Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly all loved an extended feline flick in the deepest black. But the sultry seductress Marilyn Monroe stole the show with her classic pin-up look: cat-eyes and a loud red pout!

Get the look: It’s easy to create the retro-inspired cat-eye with a precise liquid liner. Use Milani Eye Tech Perfection Liquid Liner – Black along the entire length of the eye lid and flare it out into a wing or flick. 
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Double Mod
The 1960s took the already dramatic cat-eye and amplified it four-fold. While the flick was always on point, liner was also used in the crease of the eye socket for double the impact. Add to the mix a heavy dose of mascara et voila – enter Twiggy’s spidery stare.

Get the look: Recreate Twiggy’s signature style with Nykaa EyemBOLD Kajal + Free Nykaa Prove Your Point Cosmetic Sharpener by lining the eye as well as the socket. Then, for fluttery, larger-than-life lashes go all out with on volumizing mascara.
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Soft Smoke
In true hippie fashion, makeup too went au naturel. Soft, smoky browns and muted greys were the go-to palettes of the decade. Closer to home, Bollywood icon Rekha stunned with her minimalist approach to makeup: heavy liner on the lower waterline coupled with a smudged smoky eye.

Get the look: Create the monochromatic smoky eye with Nicka K Auto Eye Liner - AA03 Light Brown. This creamy texture glides on effortlessly as its fine strokes blend easily while contouring. Complete the look with oodles of mascara.
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Neon Craze
This era will forever be known as the ‘brightest’ of all times. From gaudy pinks and electric blues to loud greens and boastful purple, every hue under the sun colored up lids. Complimenting spandex completely, neon shades were the fashionista’s BFFs. Who could ever forget The Material Girl off all time?

Get the look: Line waterlines with a deep purple hue such as L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Le Smoky Eyeliner - Purple Dream 211and if you’re feeling uber-cool apply a second shade, NYX Professional Makeup Vivid Brights Eyeliner – Envy. 
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Thin Flick
Owing to the color overload from the previous generation, there was a move towards minimalism. And thus, the revolutionary, fuss-free, ‘I woke up like this’ look took center stage. Sleek and subtle fine lines were spotted on the sidewalks of Hollywood and on the big screen.

Get the look: If you’re opting for the less-is-more approach comme supermodel Kate Moss, stick to black liner in a felt tip for easy application. We only trust Nykaa Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner - Super Black 01 to deliver.  
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Slept-in Smudge
Frost, glitter, shimmer, whatever you want to call it - made the rounds from here on out. Britney Spears' Oops I Did It Again, was not only on loop blaring from teenage stereos, but also in the makeup world as beauty mavens couldn’t help but dazzle in their high-shine eyeshadows and bedroom smudges. Glitter was god, period.

Get the look: J-Lo was the ultimate beach bombshell with luscious lips and a sexy smoky eye to go with it. Opt for Nykaa GLAMOReyes Eye Pencil - Azure Charm 05 for an unforgettable iridescent gaze.
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Now: Anything Goes
Graphic eyeliner, bubble eyeliner, spotted eyeliner, double-winged eyeliner, deconstructed eyeliner…just some of the fads to have caught our fancy. It’s a time when ‘the eyes are truly a window to the soul’. Trust the likes of Huda and Kylie J to set the most artistic (or outrageous) trends of this day and age.

Get the look: Try out funky colored mascara Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara – Blue or a metallic tone L.A. Girl Glide Gel Liner - Silver Streak to trail blaze your own style this season.
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