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Fabulous Hair Highlights To Change Your Look

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Best Hair Highlights For Women

Raise your hands and say aye if for every dramatic change in your life, you’ve inadvertently leaned on hair color as part of your reinvention. After all, whether you choose to go all the way in or simply stick to a few sleath streaks, the fresh hues put an undeniable spin on your usual look.

So, if you’re ready to turn heads and open up to a whole new world of possibilities, there’s no better way to show that than to give your crowning glory a new lease of life. For the cautious hearts out there who are yet to fully commit and would just like to dip their toes instead, there’s the hair highlights.

What Are Hair Highlights

In hair highlights, sections of your hair are dyed a shade darker or lighter than your natural hair color to improve the overall appearance of your hair. This changes the brightness level of hair strands. Of course, strategic placements of highlights can also help improve your complexion and draw attention towards or away from certain facial features.

Hair Highlights For Women

Here’s a lowdown on the best hair highlight ideas to derive your hair inspo from and schedule that next appointment with your stylist.

Blue Hair Highlights

1. Blue Hair Highlights

The most badass of the lot – blue – makes for a subtle wash of coolness. The aqua blue hue, fainter along the lengths and dominant at the ends makes for the perfect juxtaposition of feminine and masculine. If aqua is not your jam, you can opt for navy blue, royal blue and sky blue. Also, did you know blue is associated with stability? Well, in that case giving your mane a shot of blue is your only chance at stability when life ain’t playing fair, you know.

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2. Blonde Highlights

All about that glow? A scattering of blonde highlights will brighten your complexion like none other, especially when the Sun hits ‘em tresses. Blonde streaks look best when there are naturally darker highlights sewn throughout for an enviable contrast. In other words, a natural face illuminator, if you will.

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Blonde Highlights
Honey Blonde Highlights

3. Honey Blonde Highlights

Feeling nervy about going blonde? How about subtle honey dripping hues on your tresses? The honey blonde shade hits the sweet spot between dark and vibrant. Think of this hue as a non-committal way to play it up with blonde without going all the way in. Ladies with fair skin tones, take note of the fact that this shade will not wash out your complexion. Yay.

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4. Burgundy Highlights

Burgundy is a versatile deep blend of brown and purple that let’s you go bold without going overboard on vibrancy. It’s even more perfect if you are looking for a shade and intensity that seems just about right. If we had to put it in other words, we would describe burgundy as edgy yet calm. Oh and yes it shimmers at the slightest hint of light so be rest assured of livening up your social media timeline while keeping it subtle.

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Burgundy Highlights
Green Hair Highlights

5. Green Hair Highlights

The green highlights make for an unconventional pick that can be carried off by a woman who’s not afraid to be who she is. If this sounds like you, go full-throttle on the color and bless your locks with a splash of this vibrant green. If you’ve got really dark hair, we’d advise starting with a pre-lightening pale base before you color it with green hues for optimal results.

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6. Ombre Highlights

Ombre hair color involves a dramatic contrast with natural dark hair color near the roots and lighter color at the tips. As your hair grows out, you can simply trim the colored ends and hop onto a new shade. So, go for this two-tonal style if you are ready to bless the ends of your hair completely with a gorgeous new beginning.

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Ombre Highlights
Pink Highlights

7. Pink Highlights

We’ve found you a reason to finally spice things up with your plain Jane tresses. A welcome break from the darker shades that are mostly dependent on light to reveal, the pink hue is a magnificent kind that will add dimension to your locks while keeping things pretty in tress town. Besides, the pink accents add a smooth finish to your locks that will make admirers want to shamelessly stare at your mane. P.S. Don’t shy away from hair flipping during the daylight.

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8. Grey Highlights

Positively electrifying, anyone? Opt for dark roots fading down to frosty ice-like grey tones that brighten your complexion. A fling with the soothing grey strikes the right balance between subtle and savage. Taking the plunge with grey would equate to defying stereotypical narratives while the resulting look will be sophisticated and continually lusted for. So, are you up for it?

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Grey Highlights
Copper Highlights

9. Copper Highlights

The comforting copper might be one of the most-sought and thus, common color on the streets out there but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. Cooper highlights on dark hair create a stunning visual which is especially great for someone not looking to foray into the bold and edgy path. The best part? You can expect a longer wear from this hue.

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10. Balayage Highlights

Balayage includes a multi-tonal finish with a smooth transition from dark to light along the lengths of your hair. A graduated highlighting effect is created such that the natural color of your hair seamlessly fuses with the highlights. Unlike ombre, the seamless transition seems more natural. You can also throw in variations of colors or a single hue that works with you on all levels to bring out the best in you.

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Balayage Highlights

Hair Color Highlights Tips

Here are a few factors to be considered to ensure you are not left with them hair dye regrets.

  • If you would rather have highlights that appear natural, ensure they are at least two levels lighter than the base color and belong to the same tonal family. For example, if the base is warm even the highlights should be warm and two-three times lighter than the base.
  • If you’ve a warm skin tone, opt for cool toned highlights and vice versa.
  • For more contrast, place the streaks of highlights a bit farther than closer together. For an overall lighter look, you can go ahead and weave the highlights closer.
  • The lightest and thickest streaks should be closer to the face, framing it and accentuating your facial features.
  • For highlights that look great even when growing out, transition from a darker shade at your roots to a lighter tone at the ends.
  • If you’re looking to highlight specifically for an event, get the highlights done at least two weeks before to allow time for the color to entirely settle.

FAQs On Hair Highlights

1. How long before hair highlights for women start becoming less visible?

Since, everyone’s hair grows at a different pace, it’s safer to say that highlights can last for as long as four months and as short as two months. After your hair starts growing out, you will need to revisit the salon for a touch up. However, it’s advisable to wait till your hair roots grow at least a few significant inches longer before you consider bleaching and coloring it again.

2. I don’t like my hair color highlights. How should I remove them?

If you are patient enough, wait it out until your hair grows and then you can trim your hair. Another option is to bleach your hair to undo the color although this treatment can be quite drying so ensure you follow it up with a hydrating hair care regime.

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3. After how many washes do highlights start fading?

On an average, highlights generally wash out after 30 washes. This explains why, the professionals recommend reducing the number of hair washes as soon as you get your hair colored. If you wash your hair twice a week, dial it down to once a week so your highlights remain visible for a longer while.

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