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Face Tools And Beauty Gadgets That Won’t Break The Bank

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face tools

Who doesn’t fancy a luminous, round-the-clock, from-within glow that trumps the glimmer granted by any makeup product? Taut, firm skin courtesy of a step-by-step, exhaustive face massage that makes you stand out and fetches you a plethora of compliments? I know, I do, especially with the ongoing festivities! And yes, hitting the salon does seem like the fitting solution, one that would cater to A-Z of these beauty needs. However, with stringent timelines and swarms of customers hitting the salon in the wake of festivities, I would much rather summon an all-star lineup of beauty gadgets which help me get that glow at home. Yeah, you read that right. You can get that unparalleled salon-like radiance from the comfort of your room. Unlike the common misconception, you need not shell out the big bucks for indulging in this at-home transformation. These tools and gadgets brace you with immense flexibility, yield optimum results and would not burn a hole in your pocket. So no more hasty parlour appointments —crack open a bottle of your favourite wine, light a few scented candles and immerse yourself in this relaxing and therapeutic experience. Check out these beauty tools priced under ₹1500 now.

ice face roller

Nykaa Naturals Ice Roller for De-puffing and Face Toning Massage - Pink

Pesky under-eye bags refuse to budge? Fret not and conjure this little tool to fake a good night's sleep. This Ice Roller by Nykaa Naturals is a Godsend for people like me who wake up with puffiness in the mornings. By expediting lymphatic drainage and improving circulation, this easy-to-use roller has worked magic and granted me tight and taut skin. Also, if you are losing sleep over the condition of your clogged pores, I recommend sleeping on it- nice and tight. Because the usage of this ice roller, first thing in the morning, dwindles the appearance of pores. The cherry on top, you get to pick from three pretty pastel shades that will elevate the look of your vanity.

face massager

Gorgio Professional 5 In 1 Compact Face Massager

If a relaxing weekend wherein one indulges in self-care rituals, aligns their chakras and takes some time to regroup sounds like your cup of tea, invest in this miraculous face massager by Gorgio Professional. This 5-in-1 device deftly cleanses your face and the process, also washes away the stress of the day. I have sensitive skin which is why I always steered clear of face equipment till now — but this compatible tool has elevated my beauty regimen. Braced with a soft sponge head, the device delivers a salon-like facial massage while improving blood circulation. You can also use it to ensure a smoother makeup application.

volcanic roller

Milagro Beauty Volcanic Roller

If the pores on your face expel excess oil like it's nobody’s business, I recommend getting your hands on this product by Milagro Beauty. Crafted with a volcanic stone- the roller soaks up the profusion of oil on the skin. Perfect for your pre-glam ritual, it grants you skin a clean and matte finish. This offering qualifies as an editor’s favourite back at the Nykaa office.

best gua sha

MCaffeine Gua Sha - Green Quartz

A toning face massage that makes your skin look supple and smooth is just a click away. This Gua Sha, crafted out of Aventurine Green Quartz aids in stimulating lymphatic drainage and makes your skin look rejuvenated, energised and de-puffed. You may apply a layer of your favourite moisturiser or serum and use the Gua Sha stone to gently massage the formula onto your skin. I have been using the little hack for the past few months and am happy to concur that the episodes of early morning inflammation on the skin have become sporadic.

blackhead remover

Bronson Professional Blackhead Remover Dermasuction Machine Battery Operated With 4 Nozzles

If the sight of menacing blackheads on your face is bogging you down – we have an effective yet affordable solution to help nip the concern in the bud. This machine-operated device, with four nozzles to direct varying suction pressure, by Bronson Professional is at par with any salon treatments you could avail. Adeptly removing the impurities and grime from the once-clogged pores, this wonder tool grants your skin an even tone and better complexion. And hence, allowing people to see you for you, without the cumbersome blackheads. This offering is also ideal for a session of deep exfoliation and diminishing blemishes over time.

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