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Facial oils, the new buzz in complexion care

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We won’t blame you for cringing at the phrase ‘facial oil’. You’d rather not be reminded of those spotty adolescent years. But today’s facial oils have undergone a revolution, from the backstage prep at International Fashion Weeks to your neighbourhood salon. And far from causing acne, many of today’s reinvented facial oils cure acne, tighten skin, restore glow and rejuvenate your complexion. Clearly Cleopatra—known for her love for facial oil—was on to a good thing. So, what are these liquid beauty-in-a-bottle potions all about? They are concentrated versions of antioxidant-rich botanical oils including Argan, Marula, Jojoba, Maracuja and African Marula that give you the glow minus the grease. Simply massage a few drops onto clean skin, wait a while and apply your regular sunscreen or foundation. I can still hear the disbelievers among you murmur, “But for years, brands have proudly boasted about their oil-free formulas. Why on earth should I put more oil on my face?” Nykaa spoke to skin experts on their take on facial oils and here’s how they debunked the four popular myths surrounding this nourishing face loving potion.
Facial oils make skin oilier
The Fact:
We’re conditioned to think that oil is your skin’s numero uno enemy because we’ve grown up with brands that boast oil-free formulations as their USP. So, it’s logical to think, “Why on earth should I put oil on my already-oily skin? It’s like asking for breakouts!” Now think of it this way. Your skin is oily so you use a specially formulated face wash, as often as thrice a day. Invariably the shine returns, and you wash again, and so the cycle continues. The way it works is that the more you strip your skin of oil, the more oil it produces. However, if you were to apply a good quality, non-comedogenic facial oil, you could trick your skin into thinking it doesn’t need to produce more oil! What’s more, you can flaunt a luminous, healthy glow without any additional effort.
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Oils cause breakouts
The Fact:
Sure, they do if you’re going to slather an oil slick on your face. We’re talking about delicate botanical formulae derived from antioxidant rich essential oils that actually create a protective barrier against pollution and external toxins. These lightweight, aromatic oils penetrate your skin’s surface layers to maintain its moisture balance and give you a dewy soft glow. Rule of thumb; use a small amount initially as a tester to ensure you’re not allergic to any ingredient of the facial oil. For normal, dry and combination skins, a drop on each cheek, the chin, jawline and forehead is enough. Gently massage till it’s fully absorbed. You can actually skip your moisturizer but if you have particularly dry skin, spread a layer of your regular brand over the oil. For best results, apply on freshly cleansed skin during the day and just before bedtime after cleansing your face.
Oil clogs pores
The Fact:
“When it comes to clogging pores, the concentration of the product counts,” says facial specialist Ambika Bhavnani. “Using heavy oil on the face could cause problems but applying facial oil that’s a thin, lightly textured formulation is not just safe but very beneficial.”
Oils are heavy on skin
The Fact:
Not true! In fact, facial oils are your skin’s best friend because of their super hydrating and preserving qualities. “Facial oils are similar to the oil our bodies produce. Therefore, they’re lighter and are quickly absorbed, saturating your skin with vitamins and antioxidants,” says Bhavnani. Since facial oil formulas are so light it means they’re instantly absorbed into the epidermis, plumping up even the most dehydrated complexion, keeping it hydrated and fresh long after you’re ready to call it a day. Meanwhile water-based moisturizers evaporate over a few hours, causing your makeup to cake. What’s more most facial oil formulas smell divine thanks to their exotic ingredients such as English Lavender, Geranium, Orange Peel, Sweet Almond, and Roses. One application and you’re hooked! Go on try facial oil today!
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