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Fake It With The Best Hair Extensions At Nykaa

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Hair extensions are probably the best thing that happened to tress town in a very long time. What else lets you be a new you, every single day? Well, whoever asked to fake it if you can’t make it wasn’t kiddin’ for sure.

Check out our recommendations for the best hair extensions, to flaunt a chic, new look every day!

Rapunzel, Much?

Occasionally, we end up regretting that hasty chop-chop sesh and missing those waist-grazing tresses. Fortunately, those medieval times when you had to patiently wait for your hair to grow back is over. This generation doesn’t wait for things to happen, we make it happen. So, clip on a full-length, clip-in hair extension and sashay out the door with swaying tresses.

Nykaa Recommends: BBLUNT B Long, Length And Volume Clip In Hair Extension, Balmain Paris Hxp 1 Pc Full Length 40Cm Hair Extension

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Like A Queen

Tired of your locks falling flat, despite all that tedious backcombing? We feel you. Time to check out how to rock hair extensions. Not only do crown clip-ons add instant volume to the crown area but they also create an illusion of height. Thank us when you’ve bagged compliments (and jealous glances), all for that effortlessly puffed-up crown. And it took all of one minute!

Nykaa Recommends: BBLUNT B Hive, Volume On Crown Clip-In Hair Extension

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Pony Tales

All the moolah that you put into that expensive hair treatment has gone down the drain ‘cause you still got a frail, limp pony? No girl deserves a boring ponytail and here’s how you can jazz it up in a minute. For a pony as flattering as your fave Bolly celeb, you gotta pump up your game with a wrap around hair extension. Adds instant thickness and glamour and you get a new way to style your extensions!

Nykaa Recommends:BBLUNT B Witched, Wrap Around Short Pony Tail Hair Extension

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Fringe Benefits

Stuck between ‘wanting an edgy fringe at times’ and ‘getting irritated with all that hair on your face’? We don’t blame you, we all love a non-committal way of life. Here’s a different type of hair extension- Clip on a fringe hair extension in one minute straight. No booking an appointment with your stylist, chopping it off, and then instantly regretting it.

Nykaa Recommends: BBLUNT The Fringe, Straight Fringe Clip In Hair Extension, Balmain Paris Hmu 1Pc Color Fringe 30Cm Hair Extension

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Ombre Mania

Life is too short to have black, boring hair. Now if all that’s stopping you from visiting your colorist is a tight wallet or the probable hair damage, here’s your (rather funky) knight in shining armour. Clip on a quirky set of ombre hair extensions and style your locks the way you want to. Yep, you also get an instant volume boost as a bonus.

Nykaa Recommends:Streak Street Ombre Clip-On Hair Extensions

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High On Highlights

Ain’t got no time to jazz up your mundane locks before the party of your lifetime? How ‘bout a quickie, just not the one you’re thinking, bud. Experiment with these vibrant babies, clip on a striking streak and dance the night away like nobody’s business. Who knew you could get such fancy highlights with zero effort, right?

Nykaa Recommends:BBlunt Colour Quickies Clip-On Hair Extensions, Balmain Paris Color Flash 40Cm Hair Extension

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