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False Eyelashes: Do’s, Don’ts and How-To

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false eyelashes
In false eyelashes (also called faux lashes or falsies) we trust! They’re the answer to a sweeping fringe in seconds. Made from synthetic fibre or sterilized human hair (I know it sounds gross, but ignore the specifics) these beauty additions amplify your dreamy eyes instantly.

Different lash types

1. Lash Out Individually

fake eyelashes type 1

Ardell Natural Strip Lashes - 105 Black

Turn up the heat with Ardell Natural Strip Lashes to boost volume, resulting in dramatic definition. Made with sterilised human hair. These miracle lashes are reusable, easy-to-apply and give the desired, glamorous look of long, beautiful lashes. In no time your eye makeup is done and you are ready to go!

Ardell Duralash Naturals Combo Black

For a smouldering gaze, glue on Ardell’s Duralash Naturals prepared from synthetic hair. This comes with individual eyelashes, which allow you to wear, as you like. With these lightweight and reusable lashes your eye makeup has just become easier, giving you a stunning natural look.
types of fake eyelashes

2. Strips to the Rescue

fake eyelashes type 2

Ardell Runway Naomi Black Eye Lashes

Catch Ardell Runway Naomi Black Eye Lashes on fashion show runways worn by high fashion models to create and compliment dramatic and beautiful designer looks. Preferred by makeup artists and professionals who style these shows, these gorgeous lashes  are considered as a very useful eye makeup tool which transforms your appearance.
3. Glittery Gaze

Ardell Elegant Eyes Glitter Romantic Eyelashes

Designed in three styles featuring a hint of glitter: one with a metallic accent and two with sparkling rhinestones, these glamourous faux eyelashes will become your go-to addition for a fun night out on the town. Made with sterilised human hair, Ardell Elegant Eyes Glitter Romantic Eyelashes is going to be your next obsession. Glitter lovelies, rejoice!
best false eyelashes- glittery

4. Funk-It-Up

fake eyelashes

Paperself Designer Eyelashes Deer & Butterfly – Black

Made famous by Hollywood A-Listers such as Anne Hathaway and Elizabeth Banks, it’s time you too showed off your individuality explicitly with these. Made by extremely light special paper material, these lashes are  symbolic of free, beautiful and sensitive. Fun fact: You cut these lovelies to small pieces to create more exotic looks.

The Do's

If you’re a newbie, be sure to read the instructions carefully. Apply the glue in dots not excessively, so as to assure your false lashes don’t clump up. Trim the length of each individual lash or strip to fit your eyes perfectly, not too long and not too short. Lastly, apply mascara afterwards for uniformity.

The Don'ts

Remember to wait thirty seconds after applying the glue before placing each lash or strip. Never use falsies if you’re recovering from a rash or eye infection. If the adhesive does manage to get into your eye by mistake, wash out with warm water and if irritation or redness persist visit a doctor as quickly as possible.

How to pick the right falsies

With numerous products flooding the markets and equally rave reviews, how does one choose the perfect faux-pair? It’s actually quite simple; there are two main components to factor in. One, the shape of your eyes and second the occasion.
If you have smaller eyes, use individual lashes to complement your face. For bigger, bolder almond eyes use strips to elongate. Keep it simple, classy and formal for a more natural look during the day. At night dare to go wild, experiment with luxuriously long lashes, glitter, metallic tones and amp up the curls!
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