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Feet Care 101: Your Feet Deserve The Best

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A long week of meeting deadlines, wrapping up crucial presentations and meetings made me so worn-out and weary that I decided to stay put this past weekend and make way for ‘Self Care Saturday’ I mean, is there a better way of blowing off some steam than doing a satiating face mask, quaffing a few glasses of rosé and indulging in the reruns of Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Not in my books! And, as I found myself lost in another gripping episode riddled with shenanigans, a sight made me snap out of my stupor and prompted me into action. My neglected feet were in desperate need of some TLC and were calling out to me — something that I had been conveniently putting off for days. Amidst the 10-step exhaustive AM and PM skincare regimen and oiling rituals, foot care had been consigned to the last spot and finally dropped off the list. To make up for this grave and prolonged oversight, I decided to undertake the following steps to give myself a foot makeover. A much-deserved pamper session for the now, haggard, calloused feet after they had endured the heat, the showers and pollution. These are 3 simple steps to help care for your feet at home.


Have your feet become exceedingly flaky and scaly? This could be possible due to sheer negligence leading to the dermis amassing a thick layer of dead skin cells. However, lucky for us there is an easy way to counter the issue. Pour some warm water in a tub, wash your feet and apply a generous amount of your favourite foot scrub. Now rub meticulously. You may also use a pumice stone for efficiently expediting the process. Rub the scrub onto the foot in circular motions to help expel the dead skin.

foot scrubber

MCaffeine Naked & Raw Dead Skin Removal Coffee Foot Scrub

heel scrubber

Vaadi Herbals Elbow-Foot-Knee
Scrub Soap

foot scrubber brush

VEGA Foot Scrubber (Pd-01) (Color May Vary)

foot scrubber stone

Nykaa Pumice Stone For Exfoliation & Callus Free Feet


Giving your feet ample breathing space and a rich boost of hydration is of cardinal importance, to ensure it's smooth, supple and clean. This is why, after diligently scrubbing my feet, I turned to a foot mask. Not only did it help nourish my feet, but it also further helped make them squeaky clean and fresh!

foot exfoliators

Innisfree Special Care Mask - Foot

best foot cream

The Face Shop Smile Foot Peeling Mask


Finally, top this off with a layer of foot cream to lock in the moisture. If you struggle with cracked heels or particularly coarse feet — using a foot cream with antifungal properties is what we would recommend. This will ensure soft, nourished, hydrated feet over time, while also granting your soles a cooling effect.

cracked heel cream

Nykaa Happy Heels Footcream

foot crack cream

Himalaya Wellness Foot Care Cream

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