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Festive Pre-Tox: Your Seven Step Survival Guide

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Healthy eating habits & tips
The party season is just about warming up; dressy outfits, makeup overload, family zoom nights and lavish spreads. The festive season comes with a lot of fun (and food). With so binges to undo, we’d like to tell you, you can’t. You can however, plan better and not let the celebrations take you down. These words of warning because your body isn’t going to thank you for the post-festivities panic strike. Or a starvation spree. Or for spending hours punishing yourself on the treadmill. Now we’re not saying ignore that first bite of moti choor ladoo or sizzling halwa but throwing yourself into food coma might not be a great idea either. The festive season should be a happy, stress-free time, and while you’re having fun, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Here’s how to eat healthy and stay healthy this festive season!

Healthy eating habits & tips – prepare your body

1. Prepare your body

You put your best face forward during the festive season. But how much does that crash course in skincare mean, if you haven’t prepped enough for the thing you fret about the most, your diet? Supplementing fibre in your diet before the eating jamboree kicks off could help keep your regular. Also start a probiotic supplement like WOW Life Science Probiotics Capsules a fortnight before the festivities to keep your digestive system humming. Hello, beautiful skin and healthy gut!

2. Plan your drinks

Booze and partying go hand in hand but that doesn’t mean you learn how to be party smart. Have fun with your girlie gang by all means but learn how to make healthier choices. Don’t indulge in syrupy, rich cocktails and sugar-laden soft drinks. Instead opt for a glass of wine, vodka on ice or a light beer. Trust us, it makes a difference. 
Healthy eating habits & tips – plan your drinks
Healthy eating habits & tips – balance your platter

3. Balance your platter

You lose some, you gain some. Navigating buffets (especially the one’s where eveything looks delish) is a struggle for the best of us. But, it’s worth it. Eat the best-for-you offerings first. Rather than focussing on what’s bad for you, focus on foods that’ll fill you up with healthy nutrients.

4. Move it!

There’s no denying it. We all LIVE for the festive season. Having fun with family and friends is all that we need to keep us on our toes and our heart rate high. As long as your butt is off the couch, you’re good. What about a post dinner game night with your family or indoor morning workouts?
Healthy eating habits & tips – move it
Healthy eating habits & tips – mindful eating

5. Mindful eating

Mindful over mindless. Mealtime multitasking can make you pop mindless calories. Truly savor and enjoy your food, bite by bite. Don’t beat yourself over an occasional binge out. After all, food is not the enemy, it can only build you. And while you’re at it, focus on chewing your food well, enjoying the smell, taste and texture of every bite.  

6. Dessert doesn’t bite

Mithai is a mistaken villain. Learn about the goodness of ghee and educate yourself about the benefits of all those nutty Indian sweets in moderation. Let’s start with clearing that up; Ghee is absolutely amazing for digestion and keeps your skin and gut happy. And Jaggery is choc full of nutrients and delicious when mixed with atta, gond or besan.
Healthy eating habits & tips – desserts don’t bite
Healthy eating habits & tips – hydrate

7. Hydrate

The most important thing in your festive arsenal. It’s easy to forget about hydration while you’re juggling through so much. Guzzling eight to ten glasses of water daily is a must; aqua flushes out toxins, reduces bloating and helps digestion. Let’s just say it’s the most feel-good (calorie-free) item in your diet that does you a world of good.
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