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Fitness Fashion Files, Courtesy AirWear By C9

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Fitness Fashion Files, Courtesy AirWear By C9 - 1
On lazy mornings, the only motivation that helps me crawl out of my duvet and hit the gym is my swanky sports bra. Yep, not kiddin’.
Did you know that slipping into a flattering pair of yoga pants does more than just helping you look the part? The correct workout gear can pump up your confidence and help you sweat it out better. Aha, now do we have your attention?
Speaking of which, C9 has blown our minds with their latest technology called AirWear. An innovative concept involving a seamless knitting technique, this clothing line is the perfect blend of comfort and fashion. We gave this range a shot and here’s why we’re revamping our workout wardrobe RN.
  • The biggest USP of this range is its compression technology that aids your weight loss program in the long run. It acts like second skin and holds your core tight while you burn those God-forsaken calories away.
  • Four-directional stretch technology helps you bid goodbye to that constant fear of ripping your leggings. Optimum flexibility: Check.
  • The fabric is breathable and sweat-resistant, so you needn’t worry about body odour. Also, soft bands reduce friction and provide complete protection against chafing. No more ugly, painful gifts from those sports bras.
Now that you’re convinced, here’s the good news. We’ve gone ahead and created lookbooks for you, depending on different forms of fitness.
Fitness Fashion Files, Courtesy AirWear By C9 - 2
Hello, Yogini
Yoga enthusiasts, this way please. Yoga is all about connecting with your soul and clothes that cause a hindrance are not welcome at all. This pair of C9 Airwear Teal Yoga Track Pants maximizes freedom of movement on the mat, so you can focus solely on your asanas. Team it up with C9 Airwear Yellow Women's Active Sports Bra, we love its seamless design and welt-free chest band. Give the top a skip; this sports bra will have (most of) you covered – literally!
Lift It Like A Bawse
Nothing’s more badass than a woman who lifts iron like nobody’s business. But such power calls for an extreme level of comfort. We’d recommend the C9 Airwear Workout Grey Leggings because of its lightweight, seamless fabric that stretches like there’s no tomorrow. Pair that up the C9 Seamless Grey Sports Bra and C9 Airwear Women's Solid Green Sleeveless Active Tank Top and you’re all set to own the weights room.
Fitness Fashion Files, Courtesy AirWear By C9 - 3
Fitness Fashion Files, Courtesy AirWear By C9 - 4
Hey There, Cardio Bunny!
Whether you’re sweating buckets on a treadmill or cycling away into scenic glory, comfort is key. We’d vouch for a cute pair of cycling shorts, like the C9 Airwear Grey Shorts For Women for all cardiovascular activities. Slip into a super-flexible sports bra, like the C9 Airwear Women's Solid Magenta Sports Bra and then into a vibrant t-shirt, like the C9 Orange Airwear T-shirt. Running towards a healthier heart just got easier.
Yoda Best Hiker
If working out in a closed space makes you cringe, you got your heart outdoors, girl. Hiking, trekking, or camping, all seem better when you’re dressed right. Since you’re gonna be in the sun for long hours, we’d advise you to stay covered to avoid a horrendous tan. Think C9 Airwear Women's Light Pink Fashion Top. For your legs, you would probably want a relaxed pair of joggers, like the C9 Airwear Gym/Yoga Multi-Color Legging For Women.
Fitness Fashion Files, Courtesy AirWear By C9 - 5
Fitness Fashion Files, Courtesy AirWear By C9 - 6
Double Bookings 101
Stuck in a life so hectic, you could give celebrities some tough competition? We feel ya, buddy. When you’ve got to head straight from the gym for some last-minute grocery shopping, fancy comes first. We love how versatile the C9 Airwear Women Melange Active Capri is. Pair it up with the C9 Airwear Camisole With Lace for a flirty, feminine feel. The C9 Airwear Women's Solid Black Strapless Tube Bra will ensure that no ugly bra straps are visible. Smart? Yep, we are.
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