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Five easy updos to master in 2016

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January is almost over, and it’s time to revisit your New Year beauty resolutions. How’s a gal to stand out from the crowd? Hair styling is a choppy subject with no death of options; what style should I adopt this year? Which fashion trends are worth copying? What hair cut are trendy this year? So many questions…. So as a special New Year gift, here are five surprisingly easy DIY celeb updos to give you an instant stylish makeover. Accessorize with a cute headband, head scarf or head chains and you’re good to go. The best part, you won’t need to use expensive tools or heat damage your pretty tresses. Just simply stunning looks in a matter of minutes!
French Bun with a Twist of Braid
Nothing can beat the charm and elegance of a classic French Twist. Now add a new flavour to this classic up-do with a fun braided finish. A little twist of braiding adds so much life and fun to a normal bun. This up-do style works well for medium to long hair lengths.
  • Apply a leave in conditioner like Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave In Cream to tame frizz.
  • Gather all of your hair at the nape and twist in one direction holding them up.
  • Twist tightly and secure the French twist with U-pins/bobby pins.
  • Now braid the end of the twisted hair as shown and pin into a French twist with bobby pins.
  • If required give the look a final spritz of hair spray like Toni&Guy Glamour: Moisturising Shine Spray to keep strands in place.
This up-do works well for office hours as well as for parties. You can add some hair accessories to flaunt this at weddings. A metal hair band or fresh flowers can take this simple up-do to a bridal style too.
Fun and Easy Fan Bun
The sock bun and messy buns were popular last year. This year it’s the turn of the fan bun. They’re easy to make and so much fun to wear and accessorize. The fan bun looks good on all face shapes. This style works for all below shoulder hair lengths.
  • Start with a simple pony tail on the crown of your head.
  • Part the hair one inch ahead of the pony by loosening your ponytail as shown to make a gap.
  • Grab the pony from the gap and pull out four inches of your ponytail so that you get a bun of two-inch length.
  • Tighten the ponytail again. Sounds difficult but it’s very simple to do. Grab the remaining hair ends and divide in two sections. Wrap the section one after the other around the small bun and secure with bobby pins.
  • Now fan the bun with both hands and secure it with bobby pins on both side.
Accessorize the fan bun with ribbons for a more 60’s inspired look or add a hair brooch in the centre for a celeb-style look. Best worn at a lunch date or a girls’ day out for that alluring look.
Fish Tail Braided Top Knot
Top knots are here to stay! They were very popular last year and I am adding a slight twist to the traditional top knot bun for a quirky look. This fun braided top knot looks good on a picnic day, at a pool party or a beach holiday with your gang of girls. A simple yet charming look that pulls your hair away from your face to give you a mess-free look.
  • Apply generous amount of hair mousse like Aloe Veda Silk & Keratin Hair Protein Cream to keep your hair in place.
  • Gather your hair into a sky high pony tail right at the top of your head. Section the hair in two parts and braid them into a fish tail braid right till the end.
  • Now roll up your braid into a tight bun and secure with couple of bobby pins.
  • Spray a little hair spray like FarmaVita Hd Life Style Sea Mist Spray and tuck away loose strands with bobby pins. You can leave it in a messy style too for a beach party or a vacation.
Add some bling to the braid by dabbing some hair glitter or accessorize with small metal clips for some extra bling. Best worn at a casual gathering or vacations.
Retro Style Romantic up do
Retro looks are considered a staple and an inspiration for future hair trends. Retro styles can be used to create very romantic and girly looks. Here I have created a small pouf at the crown for volume and braided the rest of the hair into a romantic updo.
  • To create the pouf grab a small fraction at the crown and tease the hair to add some volume.
  • Spray a volumizing hair spray like FarmaVita Hd Life Style Vitamin Booster Extra Shine Sprayto hold the pouf in place and pin it.
  • Now grab a small section of hair from one side and braid it loosely into a French braid by adding small sections in the braid as you go, braiding to the other side till the end.
  • Pull the braid to fan it and give it some thickness and volume. Pin the braid by twisting it on the nape area to create a braided updo. The fuller and messy the braid the better it looks.
It takes less than five minutes to create this vintage style romantic updo. You can add floral accessories to make this retro look even more dreamy.  
Pig Tail Buns
Pig tails are gaining attention on the runways and among high street fashionistas. As cute as they may look, pig tail buns are a hit among the bold and beautiful too. They look girly and if worn correctly can look chic when paired with a formal ensemble. I have used rope twists to make these buns look sophisticated and chic.
  • Part your hair into two sections and make pig tails.
  • Divide each pig tail in two more section and twist each section in an anti-clockwise direction as tightly as you can till the very end.
  • Now twist the two twisted sections in a clockwise direction to make a rope braid.
  • Secure the end with a band. Twist the rope braid into a bun and secure with bobby pins.
The laidback twisted pig tail buns are a head turning style you can flaunt at a pool party or a picnic date or even a board room meeting. So don’t be afraid to adorn it as it is the next best rage in hair trends.
I hope you enjoyed these easy looks. Comment below on the styles you like the most.
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