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Five Easy Ways To Style Long Hair

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simple & easy hairstyles for long hair

Here’s the thing. You most often reach a saturation point with the burden of longer lengths, because let’s face it —it takes time. Now, to state the unfortunate reality, there’s only so many hours in a day and most of us find it rather challenging to squeeze an hour two just for your hair. If you fall in this bracket of thought, you’re lucky I did some groundwork. I took it upon myself to do a little R & D this week instead of opting for a lazy shortcut aka visiting my local hairdresser for a chop. To my (and your) luck, Google suggested a plethora of creative ways to monetize long locks. From slick back coiffures to bubble ponytails, I've listed a few quick and easy ways to style your flowy long hair, all at the comfort of your home. Confession: The third option is my personal favorite!

Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair:

simple hairstyles for long hair – slick back


Tight and polished slick back is the go-to style for a sauve, futuristic touch for long hair. Keeping your hair neat but not flat is a difficult task. For that you need to invest in a lightweight hair serum because it all depends on how much you use your serum  and your target points. Apply two blots from the middle (avoid the roots) all the way to the tip of your strands. Follow that with a blowdry, iron out the areas that need more work and lock it with hair spray. See, easy. Works well for a last minute zoom meeting.


Add texture with a cool twist to a basic ponytail by creating a bubble ponytail. Start by adding mini holders or seamless rubber bands down the length of the ponytail to create rounder sections that look like little bubbles. Lightly start pulling apart each section to add texture and volume, but just enough so it doesn't look too chaotic. You could wear this to the beach or the bar. You’d stand out either way.

simple hairstyles for long hair – bubble ponytail
simple hairstyles for long hair – half pony


Okay, who doesn’t love a good badass babydoll look? Sported countless times on television shows and runways, this flirty half pony is easily one of my go-to styles if I'm running short on time (and patience). All you need to do is section your crown, comb all that hair into a neat ponytail and secure it with a invisibobble. That’s it! Key detail: Secure a lock of hair around your hair tie to polish this look. This girly yet cheerleader tone magically marries anything you wear. You see why it’s my favorite?


This style may look complicated, but it's as easy as brushing your teeth. We call this the half-up braided knot. Long hair helps to balance out the knots for this look.  All you need to do is take the two sweeping strands at the front of your hairline, twist and tie them in a knot in the back. Don’t forget to pin the base. If you choose to go for a more rope-like finish, repeat this technique two more times and you’re done. For those that fancy some texture, top this up with texturizing spray to add character.

simple hairstyles for long hair – half braided knot
simple hairstyles for long hair – bouncy hairstyle


Straight out of a romance novel, bookmark this style if you have a date scheduled with a special someone or yourself (because, why not?). To be honest, a good bounce is a look you can't fully achieve with short hair. With longer hair, the shelf life of your voluminous waves with the help of a wide curling tong and a heavy-duty hairspray — can help create and maintain the longevity of this sophisticated approach. Tip: Make sure your waves are concentrated below your chin so that it looks more easy going relaxed rather than firm or formal.

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