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Five Editor Approved Lash Trends Of The Year

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Okay, not everyone is genetically blessed with crazy dramatic lashes, so let’s get that out of way. However, we suggest you hang in there and not lose hope fellow mortals, because these super impressive lash trends are going to change the way you flutter this season. Plus, on some nights that volumizing mascara just won't cut it. *Flips Hair*.

Here are our top picks of the best false eyelashes out there:

1. Ardell Elegant Eyes Glitter Romantic Eyelashes

When there are girls dabbing glitter on their lids and lips this Saturday night, you’re going to be busy fluttering your way up gorgeous shimmer lashes. The fun does not stop there. This fabulous set of fake eyelashes is also designed in metallic accents and lush sparkling rhinestones. Made with sterilized human hair, the Ardell Elegant Eyes Glitter Romantic Eyelashes is your perfect lash pick for a night out in town.

2. Huda Beauty Classic Lash - Sasha

The industry went nuts when beauty moghul Huda Kattan released her beautiful lash range in India this year. The one we’re crushing on you ask? The Huda Beauty Classic Lash - Sasha. Presenting a trend that involves criss-crossed lashes, double stacked and light in density that promise to deliver just the right amount of drama. Oh, and it's latex-free and safe for those who wear contact lenses, this pair is pretty darn great for those with sensitive eyes.

3. MUD Eyelash 104

A natural strip lash with an accented edge, the MUD Eyelash 104 is exactly what you need if you’re someone who fancies pushing the envelope. These alluring false eyelashes are tapered inside with an accentuated edgy flare on the outside to create a stunning feline vibe. If you’re planning to sport Cat Woman this Halloween, then we highly suggest you slap these on before the party. Don’t blame us if you over shine.

4. Miss Claire Eyelashes - M13

We’ve given our stamp of approval for the Miss Claire Eyelashes - M13 as the only option for flirty lashes. We repeat, the ONLY option. Sported often by Instagram royalties Kendal Jenner and Haley Baldwin, it’s safe to say that these statement lashes are your best bet to woo your man (or crush, wink!). This style is literally twice as full, without the hassle of layering multiple sets.

5. Ardell Elegant Eyes Glitter Romantic Eyelashes - 62017

When natural isn’t going for you and you’re in the mood for a little something extra, flutter glittery eyelashes by sprinkling rhinestones on your false eyelashes, like Ardell Elegant Eyes Glitter Romantic Eyelashes in 62017. This super glitzy set of falsies is perfect for a wild night out or even a fun bachelorette. Made with sterilized human hair, these bedazzled fake eyelashes are honestly our current obsessions. #LashConfessions.

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