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Five foods that will change your life

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Make healthy choices to stay on top of your game
Open the wellness section of any magazine and you're likely to be bombarded with conflicting information. Eggs provide cheap and high quality protein declares an article. Don't touch eggs unless you want your cholesterol to hit the roof, cautions another. It's enough for you to throw up to your hands and leave your culinary decisions in the highly biased hands of food advertisers. 'Low fat', 'zero cholesterol, 'fiber rich', 'complex carb' the terms are as confusing as they are misleading
But fret not. Nykaa simplifies this culinary maze to tell you about five foods that not only add to your wellbeing but set you well on course to become—and stay—healthy, slim and happy.
Whole foods for life
As the name suggests, these are foods prepared from ingredients that are as close to their natural state as possible. Such foods are organic, unprocessed and unrefined, don't come out of tins, packets and pouches, and are without added salt, sugar or fat.In short, it was the food your grandma prepared. Example, tomato is a whole food, tomato sauce isn't. Potatoes are great, crisps are not. These foods give you more nutrition from meals and nourish your body. Unsalted nuts, fruits, vegetables, fresh juices, whole grains lentils, honey, fresh milk, fish and eggs are all—you guessed right—whole foods.
Green is the way to go
Most people are unaware of the powerful detox and alkaline effect green leafy vegetables have on the body. Fresh raw green leafy veggies like spinach, methi, sarson, mooli leaves, chauli, and salad leaves like romaine, ice berg lettuce and argula, have high doses of chlorophyll and help build your immunity against pollution and diseases. They have high amounts of easily digestible nutrients, fat burning compounds, vitamins, minerals and healthy bacteria to clean up your insides and give you a svelte figure.
Whole grains for energy
Whole grains aren't just necessary accompaniments to your meal. They're also choc-a-bloc with enzymes, iron, fiber, vitamins E and B-complex. Eat your rotis or brown rice and never feel tired or irritable again. Whole grains like whole wheat, jowar, bajra, nachni, brown rice, quinoa, oats and sindhara atta keep you full for longer, and prevent blood sugar spikes. This means that you won't have cravings and your digestion will run smoothly.
Indulge your sweet tooth
Newborns develop taste buds for sweet the minute they suckle on their mother's breast. So most people naturally gravitate towards chocolates, ice cream pastries, mithai and candy. But unlike mother's milk these sweet treats are replete with white sugar that's responsible for most modern-day ills, from cavities and obesity to diabetes and breakouts. Decide today that you will bin white sugar and instead embrace natural sweeteners that are far gentler and healthier. Swap white sugar with organic raw honey, natural maple syrup, brown rice syrup, stevia, blackstrap molasses, raisins, figs, pruned and dates.
Juices and smoothies to satisfy cravings
Junk visions of creamy fast food chain chocolate smoothies! Instead, blend whole veggies and fruits through the blender and drink up. They're a powerhouse of nutrients, super easy to digest and best of all, provide almost instance nourishment to the system. Let your imagination lead you. Blend strawberries, bananas and some yoghurt for a delicious all-natural smoothie. Alternately, blend an apple, sprigs of mint, spinach and some celery. Or throw in a tomato, parsley, coriander and an orange for a delicious and filling smoothie. A great snack for those in between meals hunger pangs.
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