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Five Genius Ways Of Using Good Ol’ Talcum Powder

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Ahh, remember talcum powder? One shake and the powdery cloud that would land like the finest snow dust all over arms…A little secret, long before we were allowed to use makeup, a little dusting on the cheeks would give us the snowy complexion of our favorite film actresses. From those vintage floral scented bottles (Jasmine, Rose etc) that lined our grandmother’s vanity tables to the newer, smarter formulas that promise numerous benefits, the classic talcum powder has come a long way. And whilst there’s been a barrage of new products in the market, nothing spells a household staple than nostalgia-inducing talcs. What’s more! There’s so much you can do with them beyond keeping sweat or rashes at bay. To make your life easier, we’ve collated some creative ways to use talcum powder in the new-age world. Here’s the checklist.
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1. Hello Sweat-Free Skin

Let’s get down to the basics, ladies! So, what if you have your deodorants and perfumes; nothing can diminish the importance of talc as an antiperspirant—especially on hot, sultry days. If you didn’t know this already, talcum powders work doubly hard to absorb moisture, minimise sweat production and prevent fungal infections in the long run; plus, it also comes in handy during the monsoons, when the risk of infections rises exponentially. For best results, use it on your underarm area, behind the back of knees and any other part of your body where sweat accumulates easily. PS: You can also dust some of it in your shoes to get rid of that sweaty odour.

2. Adios Chafing

Been there, done that. Whether you are walking, running or exercising, chafing is unavoidable. Add heat and humidity to the mix, and you have a disaster in the making. The best way to combat this is by dusting talcum powder in the affected areas such as inner things and underarms. This will eliminate the friction, thereby reducing the chances of rashes as well.
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3. DIY Dry Shampoo Anyone?

Greasy, oily strands are what beauty nightmares are made of. However, since washing your hair everyday ain’t recommended, there is nothing like a quick DIY dry shampoo to refresh those icky roots in a minute. Just sprinkle some on the roots, gently work it through your hair and brush away the excess. Yep, it’s that easy.
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4. Instant Falsies

Did you know that talcum powder can give you thick gorgeous lashes in the bat of an eyelid (quite literally)? You read that right, ladies. Forget eyelash primers and dust some powder on your lashes with the help of a Q-tip. Next, apply two coats of mascara. You can also use powder in between coats of mascara for luscious lashes. However, we recommend using a baby powder which is a much gentler formulation and won’t irritate your peepers.
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5. Set Your Makeup

Long before those endless variations of face powders came into play, talcum powders used to be the holy grail. In addition to absorbing excess grease on your face, it also gives a smooth, matte finish to the skin. What we love though is that it can also help make your lipstick stay on for longer as well. After applying a coat, place a thin sheet of tissue over the lips. Then using a blush brush, lightly dust some talcum powder over your lips through the tissue. Apply another coat of lipstick and voila, you are done.
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