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Five Lip Glosses With A Cheery Pop Of Color

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When it comes to lip gloss, a lot of us relate to this cosmetic powerhouse very differently. Some rewind to adolescent beach dates when hair would constantly get stuck to the lips, ruining that Polaroid perfect date. For others, it signifies a nostalgic scent of simpler times when they hoarded these precious tubes of colorful, liquid lacquer instead of candies and Barbies (it was a good childhood).
However, minor inconveniences and preferences aside, when you want something a tad more fun on your lips than just lip stains and don’t want to settle for your everyday lipsticks, glosses are just what you need. After much evaluation it can be said with confidence that these glosses pop, deliver and commit. Plus, they look so good, you can't really blame your hair for sticking to them. 


What instantly drew us to the Nykaa Gloss it Up! High Shine Lip Gloss was the gorgeous colors. Some of us back here at the office are convinced that the shade Gal Pal from this range was magically flung from a cotton candy dream. Seriously, it’s the flirtiest hint of Pink that’s sheer yet noticeable. Enriched with a new light-magnifying technology, this gloss gives you an impressive color payoff with a shine that can last you an entire day (well, unless you decided to order a Subway sandwich for lunch).


For those who longed to own the cult lip shade Uncensored by Fenty Beauty (one of Rihanna’s bestsellers) but your bank balance didn’t support it, today is your lucky day. The L.A. Colors Pout Super Shine Lip Glossin the shade Juicy is it’s high-shine, low-priced counterpart. This phenomenal color is all you need to give a 180 turn to a possibly bad day, take it from us. Plus, it seriously delivers on hydration so you can skip your lip balm for this one.


The Lakme Lip Gloss in the shade Vanilla is anything but Vanilla. You can do so much with this hue. It looks great on its own or as a topper for your favorite lipstick. Designed for the color-averse folks, this beautiful beige gloss is a godsent if you ever run out of your makeup stash. You can swipe it on your lids, cheeks, collarbones and even your shin (it’s a thing now). For those who decide to go bolder overnight, shades like Bubblegum and Strawberry are equally impressive.


We’re going to take it a notch higher and present something that’s going to give you a 3D effect to your lips. We’re talking about the Lotus Make-Up XXV 3D Lip Glass. Sounds fancy doesn’t it? Well, after testing this gloss for a week the shade Intensity grabbed our attention. This groundbreaking formula enriched with Lotus Essential Oil and a natural moisturizer is built to plump up your lips for a beautiful 3D glow. We're having trouble finding the downside.


Whilst curating this intense gloss list, we weren’t obviously going to skip one of the fastest selling glosses in the market. Nah-ah. For those who live under a massive rock, the NYX Professional Makeup Butter Glossis a mandatory essential in every girl’s cabinet. The shade Peach Cobbler being a clear standout this year, this lightweight, creamy range has plenty to play with.  Here’s an interesting point. The brand claims that this butter gloss line ‘tastes as sweet as a sugar cookie’. Okay, wow. Next time you crave that cookie, you know what to do.
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