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Five Summer Colors That’ll Spring This 2019

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At quick glance, the spring/summer color forecast for 2019 isn’t all that newfangled. As the sun gets brighter, so does our palette. Yellow is the most wanted colour du jour. Nobody shies away from the flaunting the bright-and-breezy orange this time of year. Even our blues, greens and pinks get a livelier and chirpier undertone.
But look carefully and you’ll see that it’s the shades and tones that differ year after year. What starts off as a Pantone prediction, well establishes itself on international runways. So aspen gold is the new meadowlark, jester red the new chili oil, sweet lilac the pin lavender. Get the drift?
In a nutshell, you’ve got yourself a dynamic and vibrant shade chart without being overpowering. Just the summertime mantra for your makeup, right? Tune in for all the trendy tones doing the rounds.

Let’s take a look at the trending Summer Makeup Colours of 2019

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    Got ’Em Blues?

    Shade: Princess Blue

    This royal staple is a zippier shade than last year’s cobalt blue fad. This cool number can brighten or blend into any vibe or style without much ado. And pulling off this majestic shade isn’t all that Herculean a task either.
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    Shade: Eclipse

    Think ink blue meets midnight blue. This mature, dark and mysterious shade moonwalks as a neutral element. You also have years of pop culture references to take inspiration from, especially when you’re talking eye statements.  
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  • In The Nude

    Shade: Toffee

    Including this irresistible summer makeup palette in your makeup routine isn’t a complicated or costly affair. Bet a toffee-hued lippie even whets your bae’s appetite. And if we had it our way, this one wouldn’t come with an expiry date.
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    Shade: Soybean

    ODed on the likes off-white, cream, eggnog, oyster and oatmeal? This subtle tinge trends with its peach undertone and comes as a clean break. Start by modifying your French manicure or make headways a la Peter Pilotto’s runway style.    
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    Five Summer Colors Thatll Spring This 2019 - 2
  • Five Summer Colors Thatll Spring This 2019 - 3

    Garden Greens

    Shade: Pepper Stem

    If there’s one shade that began making waves in 2018, it’s this yellowy-green tinge. Although one wrong move can take you from chic to clowny. Expert advice is to stick to the eyes, be it a hint or a major highlight.
    Shop: Avon True Color Pro+ Nail Enamel in Absinthe

    Shade: Terrarium Moss

    Slowly but surely this dusty green tinge grows on you. Reminiscent of the natural habitat and dense forests, this summer makeup palette automatically boasts of mood-lifting qualities. Oh, and also: mossy green + brown eyes = dream team.
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  • Not so mellow yellow

    Shade: Aspen Gold

    As the official color of summer, including yellow in your beauty look doesn’t mean you’re expected to walk around looking like the human version of your morning breakfast. Avoid that with this joyous hue that comes with a gold undertone.
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    Shade: Mango Mojito

    This summer season; drinking, devouring or dunking thyself in mangoes aren’t your only possibilities. Now, you ought to douse your makeup wand in it as well. Work it by infusing traces of orange. Do you need any more reasons to love this fruit?
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    Five Summer Colors Thatll Spring This 2019 - 4
  • Five Summer Colors Thatll Spring This 2019 - 5

    The Peaches and Spices

    Shade: Turmeric

    Ah, the color of Indian curry makes it on our makeup palette. The stranger truth is that we’re actually looking forward to put this pungent hue on the test drive. With its aplenty opportunities at hand, it even has a serious chance to score.
    Shop: Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lip Gradation in Coral 1

    Shade: Living Coral

    Hailed as the color of 2019, Pantone puts it best as an ‘affable and animating shade whose golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.’ Give this versatile hero a go and see for yourself how wearable it also is. Win win.
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