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Five things you definitely should be aware of, this monsoon

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Ugh, murky streets and dripping water from foliage and air-conditioners. Go on and on about how romantic monsoon weather is, but you still can’t deny how icky it really is. So, while we shut those rain-battered windows, put some tea on the stove and get under some cosy blankets, let’s talk about a few strict no-no’s for the season.

We get it, the rain makes you feel carefree, but before you get soaked in the Almighty’s beverage for nature, be mindful of these do’s and don’ts for your skin and hair.

DO: Avoid using alcohol-based cosmetic products

It may be tempting to resort to alcohol-laden products, especially given how humidity can throw your oil glands into a tizzy. However, that can be counterproductive. Not only will it lead to dryness, but it will also cause your skin to produce more oil, leading to breakouts. Instead, try to reach for a skincare routine that is gentle and lightweight, overall. Make gel-based products your BFF around this season.

DON’T: Opt for leather and suede shoes

Nothing is more repulsive than rainwater seeping through your shoes. Opt for open-toed sandals or other water-resistant footwear. Keep leather and suede shoes at arms (maybe like 4 arms) length, as they absorb moisture a lot faster and can result in toe jam and fungal infections.

DON’T: Overuse Hair Dryers To Dry Your Hair

You know that monsoon frizz that creeps up unexpectedly during the monsoons? Yea, it’s not just because of the rain and humidity. Most of us might return home drenched and plug in a hairdryer. But frequent usage sucks the moisture out of our strands and induces frizz. Just slowly pop it back into that drawer.

DO: Stock up on scalp cleansing formulas

Excess oil and product build-up, rainwater, and humidity-induced sweat can throw the pH balance of your scalp out of whack. The result? An itchy scalp with snowfall-like dandruff. Invest in a gentle scalp scrub that will get rid of flakes and build-up. A good clarifying shampoo is also a must, at least once a week.

DON’T: Skimp on supplements

It’s the season of infections and contagions, so definitely start immunity-boosting supplements. Not only will they help your immune system function better, but will also prevent illnesses from taking a toll on your body, skin, and hair. You can even opt for antioxidant-laden teas for better body function.

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